Monday, February 22, 2010

Dummies behind the wheel

I'm always amazed at how stupid and predictable people are behind the wheel when the weather is a little off. Every year when we get snow it's like people are like "what's this white stuff ?? It's probably nothing....I should speed and slam on my brakes...why am I not stopping ??" and we get 100's of collisions. It's not just could be rain...and recently....fog.

i was driving to work the other day down a long stretch that is normally 90kmph. I was doing roughly about 60kmph since the fog was super thick and the road had that look...the look like it was covered in ice. All of a sudden there are stopped cars in front of me and police so I hit the brakes and even at 60kmph I slid a bit. Nothing crazy and I slowed down and stopped (in other words, 60 was the right speed to be at). I pulled up and the young RC told me there were big trucks in the ditch up ahead and I had to turn around. Also, there was a big tanker trailer trying to turn around and it was blocking the entire highway. While he was talking to me I'll bet he might have thought I was rude, because I wasn't looking at him....I was staring in my rear view mirror. Why ? Because I know people are stupid....I figured, if I was doing 60 and had to be careful when I was slowing down...what if someone was doing 90 or more....

and sure if on cue....lights came blazing out of the fog and I was watching a Lexus SUV coming straight at me. I glanced at the RC and his eyes were wide and he was yelling at me to get moving and get to the left. As I started to move I could see that the dude driving the SUV had recognized what was going on and did what dummies do...he slammed on his breaks...his SUV started to fish tail and he steered it toward the ditch and he flew down the ditch, passed us and went up a dirt road embankment and....GOT AIR...i kid you was like the duke boys had upgraded.'s not like he was 10 ft in the air, but he left the ground and slammed down on the other side...HARD. The RC was pissed and ran over to the car (he had to call an ambulance cause the asshole had hurt his back...and face from the airbag) and yelled at the dude. I had to stick around to fill out a statement 'cause the dude probably got a ticket for driving with undue care and attention. (RC told me had almost been hit 2 times that morning....he needed more LEDs and brighter vest)

If I hadn't been looking in the rear view and had dude not hit the ditch I would be in the hospital...or dead. Also, if dude hadn't hit the ditch and I got out of the way, he would have gone straight into the tanker trailer killing himself.

I seem to be a magnate for this stuff on 84th street SE. Last Friday a dude in front of me had his hitch break off and his camper trailer took off into the next lane into on coming traffic...a Semi no less...thank the gods it hit the ditch before the Semi passed (I'm talking seconds) or I would have got it through my windshield....i wonder if i have a cat's nine lives ? If so, I can't have many misspent youth used up a number of them.

I'll be happy when the ice and snow is gone and spring has sprung...

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