Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Flight of 2010

I'll be taking my first flight of 2010 early tomorrow....and I mean early. Flight leaves at 6am. I'll be heading to bustling mile high city for the fun weekend of meetings and sitting in a boardroom. I hope this isn't the last trip. I'm trying to sneak one selfish personal trip in before the sequel arrives in July (I'm trying to do that sometime in March...April latest). So...there seems to be a fairly large contingent going to Vegas in April...although, I hear the call of London for March. We'll see which one creates the home front.

Back to Denver. I'll be staying at one of the W's ALOFT hotels. I've never stayed at one before. It looks to be a hip modern place. I've stayed in W's in the past and really liked them although the prices have really started to skyrocket. There are a couple neat places to eat at downtown that we frequented when we were doing a project there a year or so ago (we practically lived there for a month) I'll try to hit a couple places of note.

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