Thursday, February 11, 2010

Greasy Sales People Bug Me

Greasy sales people bug me. I hate when I go into some establishment and have some slimy guy try to sell me. It's like all the greasy guys went to same school of sales. I hate the dude in the car place who always seems to own whatever car I'm looking at "I own one of these little beauties...great on gas..." Sure thing chief. I would not buy from that guy. Ever.

All I want is for the sales dude to tell me the features of the item, the price and then we can negotiate if i really want it.

I even find this greasiness in my industry. Competitors to our company obviously can't compete with the merits of their product so they sling mud. This kind of sales is amateur. Also, it pisses off customers when the false claims get found out. For example, one of our competitors told a US company that we were out of business...closed...The customer called us to find out what was up and, let's just say, he wasn't too pleased with the "lying asshole", as he put it, that told him the 'truth'.

It seems to me when a person uses these tactics, they're desperate, and customers can spot it. It's also the definition of 'what comes around goes around'. We have won projects specifically because the customers were fed bullshit by our competition (this always makes me feel good). Sometimes these shite tactics work. We have lost jobs due to a false perception. Oh well. I can't cry about it or retaliate. We just move on to the next one.

When we sell our product we sell the product, features and benefits of the company. We don't talk about which company isn't paying their bills, which one is bankrupt, which one has laid off staff, 'don't talk to them cause they're assholes' etc etc. That's greasy and beneath me. But apparently not beneath our competition. Well....I guess when people get hungry they'll try almost anything. I just got a call from a couple customers in the states who were just fed a line of bullshit. Little did my competition know that they [the customers] were just in our office a few days before....the customer KNOWS the dude is full of shit and told me he would never do business with him...ever! That was awesome to hear.
Let that be a lesson to you. We'll take the high road and we'll do much better in the long run (and we'll be able to live with ourselves)

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