Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a couple of items for Feb 1

  • For some reason I have an urge to see crappy movies....look out Pandorum, you're next
  • I have hate for people who use your for you're
  • I have low expectations for the Canadian Hockey Team....I will still cheer though
  • I hope Castle has legs
  • I think my boy gets cuter every day he gets older (i'm somewhat biased)
  • I hope 'Imma' doesn't catch on...but I don't think I can hold onto this one
  • I still have not seen Avatar.....yet
  • I JUST started watching 24
  • Thank the gods Calgary traded Phanoooooof
  • Why do some people stop at a corner that has a merge lane ?
  • Am I the only person who understands who goes first at a 4 way stop ?
  • Don't get me started on traffic circles in Calgary...people are dumbfounded...I'm surprised there aren't more collisions
  • Why are they letting jackass attention whores into the Haiti airport when they should only be letting in proper aid ?
  • I was pretty unimpressed with the iPad
  • i think is hilarious
  • I'm excited for the new Tron Movie
  • Food poisoning sucks
  • Ball hockey kicks ass
  • This is a lame post
  • Leonardo's new flicks look cool
  • Number 2 is almost here....only 5 months
  • 2010 will be full of changes

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