Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Point Form Updates

  • I need more long weekends
  • Trying to plan one final trip before the sequel arrives
  • Changes coming for 2010....more on that later
  • Olympics ! GO CANADA GO ! More gold please !
  • What's with the fog??...I was almost rear ended by a dude doing 90kms....dude almost hit me and an RCMP officer standing next to my car....what a jackass.
  • My brand new laptop is screwed....taking it in tomorrow to see if they can fix it...stupid Vista
  • changed over to Shaw so anyone who has my telus email address, it won't work after tonight
  • Watched 2012, Law Abiding Citizen and GI Joe....all forgettable
  • Waiting for the men's hockey game against the US on Sunday....should be a good battle
  • Big boy is using more words and actually communicating (I think he said 'I'm Dirty' the other day referring to the nasty business in his diaper)
  • LOST was kinda boring last night
  • Went and saw WILCO last night...they put on a good show, although i think they end too many songs with the jumble loud mash of noise
  • Ball hockey tonight....legs are feeling better every week.
  • That's it for now....

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