Monday, March 22, 2010

2010....full of adventure

2010 will be full of adventure and excitement.

  1. The sequel arrives in July. This will add all sorts of fun/sleepless nights. River is already a handful and as far as I'm concerned is full on into the terrible two's. I'm not sayin' he's being a bad boy, it's more he's starting/continuing to assert his independence and really push boundaries (he'll climb anything and if there's music he'll dance when he gets to the's freakin' funny). With River running around and both parents probably being sleep deprived, summer 2010 most likely will be a blur. We've already begun planning for who will be in which room...and we picked up a new pack and play/baby sleeper thingy (gotta love Sears Baby Days and Super Save Weekends !) that will be much more useful than the bassinet that River slept in. Unfortunately for #2, he'll be wearing pretty much 99.9% hand me downs for a number of years.
  2. Weddings weddings and more weddings. 2 of my post secondary buddies are getting hitched this year. One in the Grand Caymans in May and the other in Canmore in Oct. It looks like we'll have to miss the Caymans given that the wife won't be able to fly (for some reason she won't let me go alone....go figure). Also, the bro-n-laws and are getting hitched. The first will be in Sept on Houseboats in BC (I would normally say this should be very relaxin' but I'm not sure about this one...given we'll have the newbie....ah, just another adventure). The second isn't fully set, but I heard something about Hawaii...awesome...
  3. The death of man-cation. Given that there will now be 2 knee biters ruling the house, the days of me buggerin' off to Jolly Ol' England for a pint are pretty much over (i think it will require a very open minded wife, the newbie being off the boob, and some brave grand parents....not sure if those stars will align....we'll see). The man-cation will die a righteous death in Las Vegas on April 8th thru 11th. It had a great run. It will be missed. It will be replaced by 'Family Trip'
  4. New Hobby. I will be taking up more photography. I've always wanted to do it more. I had taken a black and white course years ago and enjoyed it. I've decided since there will be some savings in the pocket from the absence of the man-cation, I will do my research and find an appropriate camera for me.
  5. More adventure. There will be more exciting things, but I can't spill on all of it just yet.

(I wanted to put #6, spend my 6-49 41Million$ but some jerks from Edmonton and the east won it instead of me....jerks)

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