Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dangerous Book for Boys

Although this video is super cheesy, what it's advertising is awesome. We received this book from a friend for our boys first birthday. Basically, this is a book outlining a bunch of things that boys of yesteryear knew how to do and helicopter parents of today are too paranoid to let their kids try (or at least some of them). I for one have no problem with any of it and will encourage the boy to try them all.

Now that I'm a parent I'm amazed at how paranoid society has become...worrying about every little thing (not that I'll let the boy run around with scissors and drink anything he finds under the sink...I'm talking about playing on the stuff at the park, learning how to light a fire, getting dirty, playing hard, trying to do flips on a tramp without the side protectors) etc. I'm scared of the future outcome...what will these kids grow into when they haven't been taught some of these things along with understanding boundaries, including boundaries of pain. What I mean is...if I play like a jackass on the climby thing at the park and fall off and break my arm, I'll understand what I can and cannot do....but if my parents are there every step of the way, freaking out about everything, I won't have this knowledge. This applies to even more things...somehow PC attitudes and worrying about kids self esteem has gone WAAAAY too far to the extreme. Changing lunch time sports so that no one keeps score (so that no one loses) and not using red x's on tests or failing kids, in my opinion, will have the opposite effect. These kids are not learning to deal with rejection....none of us want that for our kids, but i don't want to have a kid who has no idea how to deal with this stuff that you find everyday in life, not to mention learning from it. For example, how will little Johnny react when he has never had to face rejection and his first girlfriend dumps him because little Stewie has a cooler car....or, what happens to little Johnny when he isn't picked to be on the high school basketball team....or what happens when little Johnny is not hired at the job he wants....etc. Life is full of this stuff....we have to prepare the new generation vs. coddling them and packing them in bubble wrap.

Anyway, back to the book. I can't wait until I bust a day off from work and me and the boy head out to burn some ants with a magnifiying glass and I teach him how to ride his bike with no hands....crazy fun times ahead.

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