Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Death of the man-cation = Vegas 2010

As i've said in the previous posts...the man-cation will die a quiet death this year. For those that don't know, the man-cation is what my wife branded the trips I take to the UK...these are the weekend blasts that I head over to visit as many pubs as I can in a 4 day period. Typically they were spring and fall. But, due to the fact that #2 will be here in 4 months, the man-cation has been put to rest....THAT BEING SAID (lolz...see previous post for why i laugh), I have carefully negotiated a funeral for the man-cation which will be taking place in Vegas on April 8th thru the 11th. We will say goodbye to this trusted and loyal friend as best we can. Please feel free to join the mourning ceremonies which will more than likely be at the Imperial Palace (damn place is a dump but it's the best deal going for a guy who goes to Vegas maybe once a year...and it's right central on the strip). But, I'm sure the mourning will spill into other venues so feel free to do what you need to do to cope with this passing.

I do have a feeling though, like any good movie that is set up for sequels, the man-cation will may take years, but I believe, it will be back.......(and possibly angry.....)

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