Monday, March 8, 2010

Grass is greener

It's a universal thing. It has been there since you were a kid. The grass is always greener on the other side. This doesn't seem to change as you get older. It's had us for the last little while. We have been talking about the possibility of getting outta here and moving to somewhere else. We had looked at the possibility of moving to the east coast. While I don't think this is completely out of the question, it was thought that this might be a bit far for family to travel. But, anywhere we go will be extra travel for family so I think this will a fact regardless of where we go. There was talk of the west coast for a while (again, not out of the question yet) it seems to be interior BC.
Wherever we do pick must have a few simple criteria. 1) Reasonable real estate prices 2) A nearby international airport (2 hour drive is ok) 3) The usual needed things like hospitals, doctors, etc 4) the most important...a movie theater with first run flicks
Going back, I really did like the south shore of Nova Scotia. The downside is the hurricanes and winters. The west coast is also very nice...not too many downsides other than rain I suppose. Saskatchewan and Manitoba are out. Ontario is questionable. I'm told we'd die of taxes in Quebec.
I know a few people who have moved away, only to was gone for about 6 weeks before coming right back. Is this a case of 'the grass is greener' ? Will we leave only to realize that we had it pretty good where we were and then come right back ?
Who knows...we'll find out when we get there I guess...and when is that ? We seem to be on the perpetual 3 year plan....we did say that we won't move once the boy has begun school, so the clock is ticking...that leaves us 4 years to make up our minds.


maria said...

Yeah I thought we wouldn't want to move once E's in school - but now, I don't think it's a big deal, for the first couple years ahow. Buys us a bit more time.

The H's said...

Ya, it might not be such a big deal....I just think of what it was like when I was in grade 1 and two...but I was in a small town and had some pretty established friends even before school might be different being in a larger might not be that hard to change early on...we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

if you move to far away i have to hangout with gangur......please don't punish me like that....