Friday, March 26, 2010

The Idiocy of Anne Coulter

As you may have heard, Anne Coulter has recently been in Canada on a speaking tour discussing [cough] topics such as political correctness and free speech. Now, I'm sure at the beginning of her career she probably did focus on legitimate issues and topics and debated them with the purpose of educating people and learning something herself. Maybe. These days, she might as well just bill herself as a Howard Stern type speaker who's sole purpose to be a headline on TMZ or Perez Hilton and has nothing really relevant to say. Her statements are purely for shock value and to get attention. It seems to me her shows would be on par with a Ford Fairlane act circa 1990.

She claims to be the victim of a hate crime because someone at the U of O sent her a memo telling her she should educate herself on Canada's laws and be respectful and careful with what she says and yet during her speech she told the audience that Muslims shouldn't be able to fly, they should just use their magic carpets (a young Muslim student told her she didn't have a magic carpet to which Coulter replied 'ride a camel then' sure, but that seems pretty racist and equals spreading hate to me Anne....)

She is either 1 of too things. 1) She is so freakin advanced in her Dennis Miller Sarcastic political humor that dullards like me don't get it and miss the fact that what she is doing is a satirical extreme right wing speech to highlight issues with free speech and how political correctness has created reverse problems with discussing any topic.


2) She's a meat head looking for nothing but a headline by spewing the most ridiculous/outrageous crap that it will be picked up by every paper in North America so she can sell books and get attention.

I'd lean towards 2....

I would assume that, like ol' Ford, she'll be a flash in the pan and she'll disappear into obscurity. I think the Muslim community of Calgary had it right when they said 'we should treat her as if she were a child acting out, if we give it attention it will get worse, if we ignore it, it will go away'

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