Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Las Vegas

Here we go. The last man-cation is booked. I'm off to Vegas on the morning of April 8th. I've got a direct flight that lands me some time around 10:30am. I should be ready to hit the tables somewhere around 11:30ish. I'll probably just do poker for the day since my partner in crime doesn't show until midnight.
I'm booked in at Ballys. I haven't stayed there before but my friends have and it's alright (I've hit a number of the places on the strip in the past....Sahara, Imperial Palace, MGM, Bellagio, Flamingo). I'll do my best to see if I can charm myself an upgrade.
The goal on this trip is to come back in the black. The last time I was there (Jan 2009) the wife and I did awesome...all costs in, we only spent 50$ per day. We were killing it on the carnie games. Slots loved us. There was a 'Star Trek' Slot that pretty much on command spat out min 150$ every time we played it.
I'll do my best to update as I go....

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