Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lazy Pre-LOST post

  • I'm always amazed at some of the deals you find at COSTCO. Picked up all sorts of goodies today.
  • No. 2 is doing fine. Check up today. Heart beat 146...all good. No names yet.
  • No. 1 is now sleeping....and all is good with the world
  • Need to find time to see Alice in Wonderland, The Wolfman, Hot Tub Time Machine.....and maybe a couple others.....I haven't decided.
  • I'm not sure about this new version of Conan....the actor was on Bay Watch.....
  • I heard Jim Halpert auditioned for Captain America.....really.....
  • Lacy from Corner Gas was on NCIS tonight.
  • I'm told No. 2 is moving a ton tonight and making momma giggle.
  • Busy at work....need to hire someone.
  • Possibly will check out a Dodge Journey.
  • Again...new Tron looks awesome !
  • My favourite crap lunch is Coco Brooks or Edo Japan.....
  • I think i need a lapnstack......damn.....it's not real.
  • Will the Flames make the playoffs ? I have no idea.
  • I am now a fan of 24.
  • I'm losing interest in Twitter and Facebook.

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