Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday Post - from my wife's laptop

this laptop sucks...mostly because it's the one that the boy beats the hell out of...a bunch of keys are missing so it makes it painful to type...I am just THAT lazy i won't cross the room to get my laptop...
anyway, had a big weekend...I rented a Dodge Journey to check it some of you may know, i have been contemplating buying a 'crossover' due to the fact that there will soon be 4 of us in the house *there is no way in hell i will buy a minivan even though i agree it would do the's just i gave most of my friends a hard time when they bought one and I will NOT eat crow*
I really like the EDGE...we had one on Vancouver Island last year and dug it. A friend turned me on to the Dodge Journey so I thought this weekend looked like as good a time as we rented one and hit the highway.
I was impressed. I'll need to try out the EDGE again, but I think the affordability of the Journey may swing me.
We took the boy out to Canmore and halfassed hit some hiking trails (pictures later...again, too lazy to download).
We had a s**t lunch at THE WOOD in Canmore (avoid this place, you're not missing anything).
Finished off the weekend at the Zoo today...nice day for it. The boy had a great time. Growled at the Tigers, laughed at the Monkeys, played hard at the park.....
Ended the night with a movie....The 4th Kind (I'll review that later...this is the lazy post remember ?)
Back to work tomorrow....we're busy...the projects are stacking up. Everyone seems to be waking up from the sleep of 2009.
A couple notes from the weekend to leave you with:
  • Obama's health care bill seems to be going through......interesting
  • WTF happened to the Canadian Sledge team ?
  • I could care less about the dirty Tatoo'd skank Jesse James was with...and for that matter, anything about what Tiger was up this really news ?
  • Will the Flames make the playoffs ? And if they don't which Sutter will get the chop ?
  • Thank the gods the cops caught that crazy beotch putting metal objects into food at the Calgary Coop....can you believe she was a loyal customer ?? WTF
  • Is it me, or does it seem strange and wrong that banks are showing huge profits when the country is coming out of a massive recession ?
  • Air Canada bitches that they can't put bums in seats, and yet a flight to London during slow season is 1100$....nope...I can't see why people aren't flying, can you ?

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