Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not so funny site - dumb people on the internet

I'm always amazed at how naive people are with their personal information on the Internet; specifically on social networks such as facebook. Some people list all of their info: where they're from, they're maiden name, where they went to high school, where they work, etc people know I could get a credit card in their name with this info ???

Also, people broadcast when they're going on vacation and when they are away from their houses....I've been guilty of this myself, but I don't broadcast my personal info or where I live...also I have nothing to steal except some star wars t-shirts and some old worn out underwear.

but many people DO have tons to steal...and this is where a this site comes in. PLEASE ROB ME it likes to point out the stupidity of people with what they post on the Internet.
I'm curious about the liability and if they will be sued if someone does get robbed because of their site....hmmmmm

PEOPLE ! LISTEN UP ! DON'T PUT PERSONAL INFO IN SOCIAL SITES ! BE SMART ! or your info will pop up on sites like this and you'll get back from your weekend in Vegas to an empty house that looks like something out of Animal House and possibly a bunch of bills for credit cards you didn't apply for by some dude walking around buying all sorts of stuff with your identity....
Maybe this is the new Darwinism...

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