Thursday, March 11, 2010

questions ?

  • If you sell me your product and part of the sales pitch is telling me how superior your product is over the competition, why then do you try to sell me an extended warranty ?
  • Shouldn't it be Anti-cough drops ?
  • Where did the word irregardless come from since it just means regardless ?
  • Do people use 'that being said' to completely negate and disregard what was just said ?
  • Why do people stand in a food line and wait until they're at the register to decide what they want ? What were they doing while standing in line ?
  • Doesn't it seem counterproductive to put the bitchiest person in your company as the customer service rep ?
  • Why do people complain about 90 cent per litre gas when they have no issue spending 1$ on a 500ml bottle of water ?

just a couple things that crossed my mind in the last 30 minutes.....

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Anonymous said...

Is this the resurrected George Carlin speaking??