Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WTF am i doing....and other updates

  • I can't believe I'm watching dancing with the stars....wtf?
  • I WILL be goin to see the music of star wars
  • I'm leaning toward a Dodge Journey
  • New boots for the car....he gets them next week.
  • I'm done with cold weather....time to move to a warm place.............
  • Scott Pilgrim looks like a fun movie
  • WTF is John Stamos' fascination with the Beach Boys ???
  • Glad to see the Hitmen came to play...maybe they can show the Flames how to do it
  • Easter long weekend on the way ! Woot Woot
  • Lindsay Lohan is officially on the top of my Celeb Dead Pool
  • Shhhhhhhh.....LOST is on....

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