Friday, April 30, 2010


On my way back home from New York. Long Island to be exact. Week was solid. Very happy customer. This project will be a nice feather in the cap. Right now I'm hangin' in Montreal. My next flight leaves in a couple hours.
I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I hate about air travel

Other passengers. Plane and simple (ha, I made a punny). Really, is it so hard to get your s**t together before you get to the check in, security, fancy pants lounge, or plane? When I fly with air Canada I have my fancy pants card that allows me to check in at the executive class gate. This should move quick since people going through here are seasoned teavellers and/or spent big $$$ on their tickets. Well, not today. I got to the line with one couple ahead of me. I assumed I'd be through in no time. Was I wrong. It felt like these two had never been on a plane before. Yet they had the same card I did and talked the talk. Until it came to the basics. 'why can't I take my tub of loation on the plane?' etc. Ack.

Then the same thing at security. I get to listen to a five minute arguement on 'why can't I take my expensive hand loation?'. Good god, have these people been under a rock ? They even looked at me funny when I asked the guy if I should remove my shoes? I was asked while packing up my laptop about the shoes. I was polite and told them that a bunch of USA and international airports make you do it.... They were dumfounded and I got the feeling that tgey didn't believe me.

Then there's the arguement when I was trying to get into the lounge. Oh, just thinking about it makes my head hurt

I can't wait until I board. Thank god I could use an upgrade and I'll be sitting up front.

So I'll leave you with a picture of hux

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Friday, April 23, 2010

New iphone app...and the boy

Hanging with the boy on a lazy Friday afternoon and trying out a new iphone app, the Hipstamatic.
And he's also showing off his new 'do.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New York

I'm booked. Off to New York on Sunday until Friday. It's a work trip so I won't expect to be doing too much fun stuff. Also, because of this trip I'm missing the Zombie / Alice Cooper show on Thursday (bummer...the last Zombie show I saw kicked serious ass).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

possible travel in the next few months

Looks like I may be getting on a few planes in the near future. Nothing is 100%, but these are the possible destinations:
  • New York (possibly next week)
  • Nashville (possibly next month)
  • Singapore (this one is a long shot, but it's possible in the next month or so)
  • Las Vegas (trade show June 9th thru 11th)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning......

And so it begins. What I have been putting everything off for is finally here. Spring. The weather has changed and it's now nice out and the sun is up until around 8ish. That means that IT is finally here.....Spring Cleaning. Yes, spring cleaning...or...the massive purge !

This year will be different. We won't just be dusting, straightening up etc, we will be streamlining ! the wife has already started and she did the front closet yesterday afternoon. We'll be putting three piles together; Sell, Donate, Junk. We'll be applying the 80/20 rule to everything. And when I say everything, i mean EVERYTHING ! (Side note, if there's anything you're looking for leave a comment...we may have just what you need).

What's the 80/20 rule you night ask ? It's a biz thang that can be applied to everyday...basically, in many cases 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers...the same theory applies to your stuff. Possibly 80% of the time, you wear 20% of your clothes or shoes etc. So we're looking at our things and if I can't remember the last time i used it, it goes into one of the three piles. There is NO reason to accumulate stuff....our basement should NOT be full of endless boxes...(an example of some of my things i plan to get rid of, old I really going to go back and reread the chapter on Ricci Flow in my Differential Geometry textbook ?)

The end goal is a neater, cleaner place where everything in it gets used and has value.

Freakin trains.

Yup. It's noon and right on schedule a train crossing a major road. Happens almost every day. Why? They couldn't cross at 1:30? Or 11:30? Gahhh

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kick Ass

Went and saw Kick Ass tonight. I'd have to say that this was one of the best comic book movies I've seen yet. It captured the actual book 100% (yes, I have read it....I own them actually). All the actors were bang on. Even....this is hard for me to say....Nick Cage. I cringed when I saw that he was in this, but he was very very good !

I enjoyed his Adam West impression....possibly I was the only one to get it ? I'm sure that's who he was channeling when he was Big Daddy.

Also, there's no doubt that the star of this movie is Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl. She steals the movie when she's bouncing around like a Jackie Chan Yoda handing out the hurt to all the bad guys.

I would recommend this flick to those who like the comic/ultra violent/comedy genre. But it's not for everyone...some people really get their backs up when they see/hear an 11 year old call a bunch of thugs 'c**ts'....yes, you heard right.

And, GOOD GOD, why do I always seem to get to sit next to the person who should not be allowed to go see movies on opening weekend ? I get Mr. Chatty Comment About the Movie Guy. At least he made most of his noise when the entire theater was laughing...but really dude ? Why don't you just stay home...there's a reason your daughters sat away from you when they came in.....


why not ?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Um...maybe the Mayans were onto something

Hmmm...last year there were 8 earthquakes up to April, this year 20....Volcano erupting in Iceland.....big meteor in Wisconsin...
Maybe we should start stock piling water ?

I'll show you old man

the boy has been watching very to eat cereal like dad. He had his multi grain Cheerios's and said 'damn the spoon, this is how you do it old man !'

Then it was time to get crackin for the day.

The words are coming fast an furious now. He repeats we REALLY have to watch our P's and Q's.

We'll see what trouble we can get up to this weekend with Captain Danger.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vegas Summary - Sunday

Sunday was a relaxed easy day. I was up early again since I didn't get crazy with the hooch on Saturday. I was up around 8am and headed to Paris for breakfast at the buffet. I should have remembered from previous that this one is not all that it's cracked up to be. Planet Hollywood is much better (and Paris is a dollar or two more).
After breaky, I played a couple slots...broke even and then headed back to Ballys.
I watched the poker for a while but didn't get a vibe to play. My flight was at 3:45, so i didn't want to get into a tournament.
I went back to the room and gathered my stuff and checked out at 11am. Played a bit more slots until noon then decided to get on a shuttle...I wasn't sure how long it would take, so I gave myself a ton of time and jumped the shuttle shortly after noon...just my luck, we were the last pick up and I was the first off. I was at the airport in about 10 minutes. There was no one at check in and security was a I had almost 4 hours at the airport...yay.
I played a few slots, bought some duty free booze and pretty much just surfed the Internet until my flight left.
When we were boarding i noticed a guy and said to myself, where do i know this guy from ? It took a bit but I figured it was the drummer from the Bare Naked Ladies. Duh...if I would have opened my eyes i would have saw the whole band next to him. I chatted briefly with him about what they were doing in Vegas.
Got on the plane...headed home.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegas Summary - Saturday

Saturday was an early start since I wasn't into the boozy-hooch on Friday. I was up at 8am and off to a buffet at Planet Hollywood. It's downstairs and called the Spice Market. I've been to a few of the buffets and I think this one is towards the top of my list. I believe it was 16$. I found out after that the buffet at Harrah's is the best value since you pay once and it's good for 24 hours.
After i was done stuffing my face i wandered around the casino and came up on their 10am 70$ 1-2 NLHE Tournament. I'M IN ! We had about 50 people (5 tables). I was getting hot/cold hands most of the time...twice I was scared off the pot and had the best hand (I should have had the squishy drinks in me...I was much more fearless Thursday night). I managed to fight my way to about 14 people left and I had a pretty small stack. I was dealt Q J Diamonds so I made an ALL IN move. Dude called me with Ace 10 off. Flop was an Ace, Q, 2. There was no love on the turn or river. That left me with about 700$ (blinds were 400/200 and i was in the small blind so I went all in with what i had....7 - 2 least they were suited). No love. But the dude who won the hand knocked out me and 3 others so after that hand it was the final table. I bested 36 people...which is great for my ego but bad for the days take. At that point i was down basically 90$.
By this point it was past noon, my friend wasn't up yet so I got a day pass on the monorail and went for a ride. I headed to the Hilton to check it out. I was amazed at the feeling of 'lame-ness' i got when i was there...the place just seem to be boring...also, when did the Star Trek stuff end ?? This shows how often i go..apparently it's been gone a while (sometime in 2008? Click the link). The whole section was dead and only had slots. By this point, my friend was up so we planned to meet for lunch and beer at the brew pub in Monte Carlo and get a tower of beer. AGAIN, i'm disappointed with the fact the brew pub has been gone for a few more towers of beer. There is still a pub there...but just pints of beer. The new place is just called The Pub.....that's crazy original....I had a pint of HARP and their jumbo buffalo wings...they're jumbo because you get the WHOLE WING...what a pain in the ass to eat an entire connected wing dripping in hot sauce....while they tasted alright, i wouldn't buy them again...too messy.
After the beer and wings we wandered and checked out the City Center. (And a quick walk through of Aria).
Once the walking was done, I decided to get back to work ! I headed back to Ballys and got into a 1 2 NLHE game. (we walked through Planet Hollywood on the way and I hit a slot and made 85$)
The VIBE was not happening on the table at Ballys. I was grinding for about 3-4 hours...never really getting much higher than my 200$ buy in. A couple young guys from Singapore sat at the table and were pretty aggressive. They had a local guy with them and between them they were jacking the pot to 15$ pre flop every hand. I played this out, like i said, for about 3-4 hours and ended up down about 100$. So i decided to take a break, and since I only had the jumbo wings for lunch and it was about 6pm, my belly said...time for sushi ! Yes...I had sushi on Friday, but i like the stuff and it was good from Ichiban so I went there again.
I tried a few new types, stuffed my head, and then headed back up to the casino.
I played a couple more hours on the tables, never really getting up or down. So I went for the slots. It was just that type of here, give it back there, win here give it back there...
When it hit midnight, I wasn't in the mood for steak and eggs...and it was a long day so I packed it in. I think I ended the day down about 100$.
All I thought was....damn, I leave tomorrow....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vegas Summary - Friday

As you can guess, Friday started late. I think I slept for about 10 hours. 10 hours of glorious uninterrupted sleep....well kinda (I did wake up once with a nasty feeling in my stomach from all the squishy drinks, but I fell back asleep after 20 minutes).

I got going somewhere around 2:30ish...yes...PM.

I wandered up and down the strip, taking in the sites and enjoying the 27 degree weather. I was going to have a 2$ hot dog at Bills but couldn't find the damn hot dog guy...and I was too lazy to ask anyone.

I ended at some run of the mill pizza place. I enjoyed a peperoni and soda while watching a couple grungy locals steal energy drinks from one of the vendors...i know i hear all this bitching about profiling, but god gawd, these guys looked like meth heads...surely the guys behind the counter knew they were stealing...probably didn't care.

After the slice, i wandered from casino to casino playing 20$ in slots...i'd win some and lose some. I stopped at the Flamingo to watch a bit of poker...I wasn't feeling the vibe there so I moved on. I kept up the slot and roll until around 6pm and then headed for sushi at Ichiban. Good service, reasonably priced and good taste. Everything you want in a sushi place.

After dinner, my partner in crime finally made it to Vegas (long story here...he was caught in the freak storm that came through the home town and the Airport power went out...he was delayed almost 24 hours). We played a few more slots...wandered a bit in Ballys and Paris.

This went on until midnight...UNTIL ? I went and hit the midnight steak and eggs at The Victorian Room at Bills .

After this, i was feeling a bit run down so i called it a night.

Over all for the day i was up about 25$ in gambling on the slots.

End...Day 2

Monday, April 12, 2010

Vegas Summary - Thursday

Vegas - April 8th thru 11th.


Arrived in the morning at around 10:45am local time (I was up at 5am and had a lousy a ride to the airport from a friend in town). Took the shuttle to Ballys. Got checked in. Worked for about 3-4 hours (can you believe they charge 13.99$ for 24 hours of internet ??? WTF). Went and had a late lunch at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. I had the Pepper Ahi Tuna Salad and a couple Blue Moon Beers. I watched the Bellagio Fountains from my table. After lunch wandered through the Paris Casino. Played slots. Broke even. Head back to Ballys. Stopped at 'Evening Call''s one of those girly squishy alcohol drink vendors right next to the hall that joins Ballys and Paris. I went with the 25oz Call Girlz [vodka and strawberry]. Headed right over to the Ballys Poker Room and began the long haul. I played 1-2 NLHE for the next 10 hours or so. I turned my starting 300$ into 1118$ (i think at one point i touched 1300 but the frequent visits from the cocktail gals made it tough for me to pack it in). I did finally call it quits at 4am-ish...when i started to feel a bit queezy from the squishy drinks...not from the booze, but from the sugar (my mouth felt like it was coated in it....). Time for bed. Lights out....a good solid day, cashed out 1118$ ! That put me up 818$ for the trip on the first day.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick update

Just taking a break from the action to have some sushi. I think I used up my mojo on the first night. Made off pretty good on the 1 2 no limit. Yesterday was a slow day. Just a bit of slots (ended in the positive). Today started off slow. Hot ok on the slots but then spent the last 3.5 hours grinding on tge 1 2. Lost the winnings from the slots. So. Break time. Sushi then back at er. Momma and kids need new shoes!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slow Start

I landed....flight was ho hum. I watched Ninja Assassin ! Ha, I'm glad I didn't pay for that movie.

I took the 7$ shuttle to Ballys and got checked in. As per a suggestion from a friend who comes here quite often I tried to get an upgrade to the North Tower....dude wouldn't budge...he would gladly do it if I coughed up more $$$$. I said no.

My room is pretty good. Spacious. King Bed. View of Paris and the Tower.

But then I did the bad thing....i jacked into the expensive LAN and started doing some work. I've been at it for about an will stop shortly. I need to make a couple calls and then I'm off to get a bite and hit the tables.


And so it begins

I made it to the airport with a lift from a friend who happened to be in the city (he was playing poker until the wee hours). Now I've got about an hour and twenty until I board so it's work time. But first.... Breaky.

Yes, breakfast at the airport. There is nothing better (sarcasm). What's on the menu today? A sausage thingy from Harveys. Let's just say they're not winning any awards for what I'm eating.

Just a note before I go shovel the slop down my throat. I tell my wife wherever I go I always run into people I know. I figure it's because I'm such a swell guy I've met a lot of people over the years. She thinks I'm full of it (although she recognizes this to be true....she has heard on a number of trips 'are you...?')
Well, while standing in line I saw a guy I used to work with about 15 years ago. He happens to be off for a week to New York and stayed last night at a pals place near the airport. The trend continues.
More updates later.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let the trip begin

It's 10:45 pm and as usual I'm not packed, have nothing ready and I leave in about 7 hours (and I have some work to do). It's normal, so it doesn't stress me out (I know tons of people that would be going crazy right now). I'm only gone for a few days so it's not like I have to pack a ton...a couple shirts, pants, shorts (it will be 28) and the 'stink be gone'...
Then off to the airport and away we go.
I'll do some updates from the phone and let you know how I'm doing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wednesday night fun comes to an end

Tomorrow night will be the last Ball Hockey game until the fall. It's been a fun few months...not to mention it's gotten me off my ass. I'll need to find something to replace this with ( I still do the squash and Spin every second week ). I will begin running again...that's always a good one but i think I need to take it up a notch. Possibly back to the P90X. I think I'll dust it off and give it the good college try. I had done it for a small stretch and let me tell you, it's not easy. 6 days a week doing that along with the meal planning and Mr. Ripped will be knocking at the door very soon. Of course, you have to do the FULL 90 cheating. We'll see how far I get. Maybe I'll make a plan to start it next Monday when I get back from Vegas. If my math is right, the 15 weeks puts me finishing around 1 week after the sequel is due....that could be fun. If the wife can lay off the hooch and sushi for 9 months, I should be able to eat better and do 1 hours worth of work out 6 days a week for 3 months....right ?....right ?

Let's see how far I can get. I'll be honest with you...I'll let you know if I slip with food or not working trips will be hard...but I should be able to push through.'s to crankin' it up on Monday.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Looks like I made it through April fools without being 'got'. I saw a few news stories that were obvious hoaxes. There was one about the Internet tax (I did like when the supposed Canadian Political dude said "for example, a legitimate news site would be taxed 1$ per minute, while other sites such as Porn sites would be taxed 75 cents a minute).

I really didn't see too many others that were on par with the West Jet prank from years past where they claimed they were converting overhead storage into sleeper units.

Let me know if there were any good ones out there.