Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vegas Summary - Friday

As you can guess, Friday started late. I think I slept for about 10 hours. 10 hours of glorious uninterrupted sleep....well kinda (I did wake up once with a nasty feeling in my stomach from all the squishy drinks, but I fell back asleep after 20 minutes).

I got going somewhere around 2:30ish...yes...PM.

I wandered up and down the strip, taking in the sites and enjoying the 27 degree weather. I was going to have a 2$ hot dog at Bills but couldn't find the damn hot dog guy...and I was too lazy to ask anyone.

I ended at some run of the mill pizza place. I enjoyed a peperoni and soda while watching a couple grungy locals steal energy drinks from one of the vendors...i know i hear all this bitching about profiling, but god gawd, these guys looked like meth heads...surely the guys behind the counter knew they were stealing...probably didn't care.

After the slice, i wandered from casino to casino playing 20$ in slots...i'd win some and lose some. I stopped at the Flamingo to watch a bit of poker...I wasn't feeling the vibe there so I moved on. I kept up the slot and roll until around 6pm and then headed for sushi at Ichiban. Good service, reasonably priced and good taste. Everything you want in a sushi place.

After dinner, my partner in crime finally made it to Vegas (long story here...he was caught in the freak storm that came through the home town and the Airport power went out...he was delayed almost 24 hours). We played a few more slots...wandered a bit in Ballys and Paris.

This went on until midnight...UNTIL ? I went and hit the midnight steak and eggs at The Victorian Room at Bills .

After this, i was feeling a bit run down so i called it a night.

Over all for the day i was up about 25$ in gambling on the slots.

End...Day 2

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