Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegas Summary - Saturday

Saturday was an early start since I wasn't into the boozy-hooch on Friday. I was up at 8am and off to a buffet at Planet Hollywood. It's downstairs and called the Spice Market. I've been to a few of the buffets and I think this one is towards the top of my list. I believe it was 16$. I found out after that the buffet at Harrah's is the best value since you pay once and it's good for 24 hours.
After i was done stuffing my face i wandered around the casino and came up on their 10am 70$ 1-2 NLHE Tournament. I'M IN ! We had about 50 people (5 tables). I was getting hot/cold hands most of the time...twice I was scared off the pot and had the best hand (I should have had the squishy drinks in me...I was much more fearless Thursday night). I managed to fight my way to about 14 people left and I had a pretty small stack. I was dealt Q J Diamonds so I made an ALL IN move. Dude called me with Ace 10 off. Flop was an Ace, Q, 2. There was no love on the turn or river. That left me with about 700$ (blinds were 400/200 and i was in the small blind so I went all in with what i had....7 - 2 least they were suited). No love. But the dude who won the hand knocked out me and 3 others so after that hand it was the final table. I bested 36 people...which is great for my ego but bad for the days take. At that point i was down basically 90$.
By this point it was past noon, my friend wasn't up yet so I got a day pass on the monorail and went for a ride. I headed to the Hilton to check it out. I was amazed at the feeling of 'lame-ness' i got when i was there...the place just seem to be boring...also, when did the Star Trek stuff end ?? This shows how often i go..apparently it's been gone a while (sometime in 2008? Click the link). The whole section was dead and only had slots. By this point, my friend was up so we planned to meet for lunch and beer at the brew pub in Monte Carlo and get a tower of beer. AGAIN, i'm disappointed with the fact the brew pub has been gone for a few more towers of beer. There is still a pub there...but just pints of beer. The new place is just called The Pub.....that's crazy original....I had a pint of HARP and their jumbo buffalo wings...they're jumbo because you get the WHOLE WING...what a pain in the ass to eat an entire connected wing dripping in hot sauce....while they tasted alright, i wouldn't buy them again...too messy.
After the beer and wings we wandered and checked out the City Center. (And a quick walk through of Aria).
Once the walking was done, I decided to get back to work ! I headed back to Ballys and got into a 1 2 NLHE game. (we walked through Planet Hollywood on the way and I hit a slot and made 85$)
The VIBE was not happening on the table at Ballys. I was grinding for about 3-4 hours...never really getting much higher than my 200$ buy in. A couple young guys from Singapore sat at the table and were pretty aggressive. They had a local guy with them and between them they were jacking the pot to 15$ pre flop every hand. I played this out, like i said, for about 3-4 hours and ended up down about 100$. So i decided to take a break, and since I only had the jumbo wings for lunch and it was about 6pm, my belly said...time for sushi ! Yes...I had sushi on Friday, but i like the stuff and it was good from Ichiban so I went there again.
I tried a few new types, stuffed my head, and then headed back up to the casino.
I played a couple more hours on the tables, never really getting up or down. So I went for the slots. It was just that type of here, give it back there, win here give it back there...
When it hit midnight, I wasn't in the mood for steak and eggs...and it was a long day so I packed it in. I think I ended the day down about 100$.
All I thought was....damn, I leave tomorrow....

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