Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vegas Summary - Sunday

Sunday was a relaxed easy day. I was up early again since I didn't get crazy with the hooch on Saturday. I was up around 8am and headed to Paris for breakfast at the buffet. I should have remembered from previous that this one is not all that it's cracked up to be. Planet Hollywood is much better (and Paris is a dollar or two more).
After breaky, I played a couple slots...broke even and then headed back to Ballys.
I watched the poker for a while but didn't get a vibe to play. My flight was at 3:45, so i didn't want to get into a tournament.
I went back to the room and gathered my stuff and checked out at 11am. Played a bit more slots until noon then decided to get on a shuttle...I wasn't sure how long it would take, so I gave myself a ton of time and jumped the shuttle shortly after noon...just my luck, we were the last pick up and I was the first off. I was at the airport in about 10 minutes. There was no one at check in and security was a I had almost 4 hours at the airport...yay.
I played a few slots, bought some duty free booze and pretty much just surfed the Internet until my flight left.
When we were boarding i noticed a guy and said to myself, where do i know this guy from ? It took a bit but I figured it was the drummer from the Bare Naked Ladies. Duh...if I would have opened my eyes i would have saw the whole band next to him. I chatted briefly with him about what they were doing in Vegas.
Got on the plane...headed home.

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