Monday, April 12, 2010

Vegas Summary - Thursday

Vegas - April 8th thru 11th.


Arrived in the morning at around 10:45am local time (I was up at 5am and had a lousy a ride to the airport from a friend in town). Took the shuttle to Ballys. Got checked in. Worked for about 3-4 hours (can you believe they charge 13.99$ for 24 hours of internet ??? WTF). Went and had a late lunch at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. I had the Pepper Ahi Tuna Salad and a couple Blue Moon Beers. I watched the Bellagio Fountains from my table. After lunch wandered through the Paris Casino. Played slots. Broke even. Head back to Ballys. Stopped at 'Evening Call''s one of those girly squishy alcohol drink vendors right next to the hall that joins Ballys and Paris. I went with the 25oz Call Girlz [vodka and strawberry]. Headed right over to the Ballys Poker Room and began the long haul. I played 1-2 NLHE for the next 10 hours or so. I turned my starting 300$ into 1118$ (i think at one point i touched 1300 but the frequent visits from the cocktail gals made it tough for me to pack it in). I did finally call it quits at 4am-ish...when i started to feel a bit queezy from the squishy drinks...not from the booze, but from the sugar (my mouth felt like it was coated in it....). Time for bed. Lights out....a good solid day, cashed out 1118$ ! That put me up 818$ for the trip on the first day.

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