Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I hate about air travel

Other passengers. Plane and simple (ha, I made a punny). Really, is it so hard to get your s**t together before you get to the check in, security, fancy pants lounge, or plane? When I fly with air Canada I have my fancy pants card that allows me to check in at the executive class gate. This should move quick since people going through here are seasoned teavellers and/or spent big $$$ on their tickets. Well, not today. I got to the line with one couple ahead of me. I assumed I'd be through in no time. Was I wrong. It felt like these two had never been on a plane before. Yet they had the same card I did and talked the talk. Until it came to the basics. 'why can't I take my tub of loation on the plane?' etc. Ack.

Then the same thing at security. I get to listen to a five minute arguement on 'why can't I take my expensive hand loation?'. Good god, have these people been under a rock ? They even looked at me funny when I asked the guy if I should remove my shoes? I was asked while packing up my laptop about the shoes. I was polite and told them that a bunch of USA and international airports make you do it.... They were dumfounded and I got the feeling that tgey didn't believe me.

Then there's the arguement when I was trying to get into the lounge. Oh, just thinking about it makes my head hurt

I can't wait until I board. Thank god I could use an upgrade and I'll be sitting up front.

So I'll leave you with a picture of hux

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It rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again