Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Boy Update

He's almost 2. Less than a month. Where did that time go ?

The words are coming fast an furious these days...I almost expect to hear him say 'don'tyouunderstandthewordsthatarecomingouttamymouff?' in his best Chris Tucker voice....

He's got a few letters down now (he pointed to his place mat that has the alphabet and said 'ehshhh' then pointed to another letter and said 'yi'...both were right.....for those that don't get it...that's an S and a Y). At this rate he'll have the whole alphabet down by 3.

He's getting his numbers down..he counts to 5 and can point out an 8...he points at 6 and says 9, but that's an honest mistake.

He has a firm grasp of NO ! or NO-MY! depending on the situation...and usually his first response to any question is then a quick YESH or PWEEEESE when he realizes we're talking about a snack, a milk or a hug.

He likes his 'Noon-als' [noodles] and anything he can dip in Ketchup. Loves apple wedges, cereal (especially dads, cause whatever dad is eating is way better than what's in his bowl), strawberries, grapes, and bacon (and more than I can list). And oddly enough, asparagus and lemon wedges....who knew.

Bath time is the best thing EVAR !

Bed time...not so much.

'-side' is the best place to be...unless it's raining then it's 'ah-dun...home'

The high chair is for chumps now...he sits in a normal chair like dad....

'Toooopee' is the thing we watch just before bedtime (that's Toopy and Binoo for those not in the know)

There's way more...and each day adds more....

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