Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hobbies and stuff

I've been thinking about how I waste spend my time when I'm not working and I thought maybe I should fill this time with a hobby or something. I used to play the guitar whenever I had a chance (those were the days of the band and the crazy rock & roll). Now, I think more about...can this thing that I do make $$$ ? So...what do I like to do, that would be kinda hobby-ish and also something that could make some dough. The answer is always the same (and I've mentioned it before). Photography.

I've taken a black and white course in the past and really enjoyed it. I've also been messing around with iphone apps and really dig what I can get out of that.

So...what's the next step ? Spend i guess...well, first, research, then spend.

I have a bunch of people I know that do this for a living so they can steer me towards good equipment and possibly good used equipment. Thank god the days of the dark room and chemicals are over (or over-ish), and the digital is here...i can take a million pictures to get the right one and not worry about all the film and time. Also, there are plenty of free online programs that let you mess with pictures.

I think I'll plan to start doing more of this during summer...I'll have plenty of reasons to take pictures.

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