Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Long

May long is about 8 days away for me (I'm taking the Thursday and Friday along with the Monday) and it's time to get away for a weekend for some ree-lax-eh-shun ! And yes, that does include leaving the boy behind.
I know that sounds terrible...oh what a bad dad you are and such. Well, I plan to use this time to catch up on some much needed sleep and just hang with the wife. The boy will be fine. He'll be spending the weekend with his Gramma.
So, where will we go when we have a few days to ourselves.....can't take a plane since the wife is full on preggo and only has about 8 weeks left of baking. That leaves road trips. West ? Maybe. East...No ! crazy ? South ? Hmmmm
Yes, I think south. The dollar is doing well...and as per my previous post, we need a new TV, so why not flee for the boarder. That means Whitefish.

We'll either get shacked up there or in Kalispell...probably Kalispell...from an initial search it looks like there's a few hotels with some sale offers.

So what will we do there ? Hit the stores of course ! Cheap clothes. Cheap booze. Cheap everything (new TV.....maybe)!
We'll be looking for a few things for the boy and sequel. Along with the hootch for summer and whatever else might catch our eye.

Ahhhhh....should be a good time. Pin and Q here I come ! Get those Steak and Eggs ready !

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