Sunday, May 30, 2010

One more reason to high tail it

Have a look at the picture might think, 'hmmm, that's a nice shot of your backyard at Christmas'...nope, that would be yesterday. Yes, that's right. May 29th and we have snow. I shouldn't be shocked. This happens every year and since I've been around this area a few decades you would think I should be used to it. Maybe I am used to it, and now it's begun to bug the hell outta me. It's almost June for gods sake. Where's the sun ? It's in the high 20's/30's out east and we get winter...we actually had to turn the furnace on the last two days and bring in plants since the temp went below 0 at night. So that means at best we'll get 2.5 months of good weather (if we're lucky).

Yup...that's the straw and my camel is now a paraplegic....we're not waiting much longer...operation get the fudge outta here is in full swing....

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