Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Summer Purge Has Begun

In the past I've mentioned that this year we were going to do a massive purge...we'd go through our stuff and apply the 80/20 rule and then get rid of it. Some would be given away, some sold, some donated and the rest junked (or recycled). has already begun.

For example, we've sold an old dresser that was just taking up space, Freecycled a bunch of stuff like my old digital camera that took a bounce off our concrete floor (it still worked fine, just the view screen was cooked and only worked every now and then), an old CD player and other stuff like VHS tapes (my last 2 VHS players are goodbye Pulp Fiction, Dune, and assorted movies and tapes that I'm not 100% sure what's even on them......but i kept the Star Wars tapes....just couldn't see them go). The portion of the sectional upstairs is now in the garage ready to be picked up tonight (the wife hated this thing). We have boxes of old cell phones, electronics, etc that will be heading to the electronics recycle. We've gone through our clothes and other odds and ends around the house.

I have a feeling this will be a full summer on-going event. The more we dig into our stuff the more we find things that are just taking up space and not being used and have no value.

the ultimate goal is to be 100% streamlined where everything in the house has a place, a use, and IS being used. If something ever falls into the's gone. Even with the few things that have left the house, we already fell as though a weight has been lifted from our backs....the upstairs also looks bigger :)

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Anonymous said...

don't forget to delete the cellphone data/contacts stuff.