Tuesday, May 4, 2010

That's it

While I like living in Alberta and everything about it....I've hit that point where I just can't stand the freakin' weather. I hate the wind (yes....hate). I hate the fact that winter just won't quit (it's currently -9C with wind chill and snowing...yes...snowing on May 4th). Summer is too short and some times nonexistent.

So, the question is...where do we go ? Sask is out...I hate horseflies so Manitoba is out. Ontario is out (. East coast is out. Quebec is out........I think you can see where we're going with this.

So, it looks like BC is the winner. But where in BC ? Coast ? Island ? Interior ? Each has pros/cons. Personally I could see myself on the island. Mild weather, nice scenery, reasonable real estate and so on. I think the better half will argue that it's a little far from family, being a flight or 12+ hr drive. That means that the possible location would be interior.

Kelowna ? Kamloops ? Peachland ? Penticton ? Osoyoos ? Vernon ? Nelson ? Castlegar ?

Let the investigations begin !


Anonymous said...

so if you move to the west coast, you won't bitch about the rain?????

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...just thought tonight's 6 p.m. news stated that it has been determined that on the basis of a stable economy and much, much more, Lethbridge is the best city in the province in which to live. Kelowna is $$$ expensive. Kamloops has no health services (have to go to Kelowna for specialist hospital care etc.) Vernon...well that's close to Kelowna. Not a bad place. Lots of services etc. But, really...BC???...you wanna pay the harmonized gst/pst tax that bad???? How bout Camrose??? Nice country there. Lots of lakes, rolling hills...& etc. Hmmm.....

Anonymous said...

don't move to lethbridge, my liver can't handle it.


The H's said...

i like the rain more than the wind and cold