Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vegas Draws Near and....

We're getting ready to ship out some product for a trade show in Vegas that I'll be heading to in just over a week (poor me). I'll be down there from June 7th to the 12th. Hopefully I can have another killer night on the poker tables (this time the expenses are covered by the company so the winnings would all be in my pocket instead of paying for a flight, hotel and food).

I would assume the tone of this years show will be more upbeat. Last year it was pretty slow and somber...rightfully so, everyone thought the sky was falling. Now, things are picking up and people are buying again so I'm sure there will be much more activity.

and.....I'll be heading to the eye doc tomorrow. I haven't been to one in well over 22 years and if I had to place bets I would go all in on the fact that I will be getting specs of some fashion...whether I have to wear them all the time or just for reading will be the only question. Maybe it's time to embrace my inner designer and get myself some skinny square black rimmed glasses, black pants, a black turtle neck, shave my head and 'buzz' people when I'm done with them....yup...glasses can change a man.

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Anonymous said...

black pants, black turtle neck, black rim glasses............we will have to change your name and the company name to Dieter and Sprockets, but i refuse to touch your monkey or love your i must dance!!!