Wednesday, May 19, 2010

work work work

Just putting the final touches on a couple large scale projects. It will be nice to see these pushed out the back end. One is for a large refinery in the US and the other for a Fire/Police in New York. Both may need me on site during install, but the timing might be bad...real bad (kinda like that time I walked in on a friend dancing in front of a mirror in ladies underwear........nope.....doesn't have the same effect that Peter Griffen's flashbacks do)

My bad timing is due to the new arrival...

The first batch of install in Chicago is supposed to happen around the first week of July....right before the sequel so that visit is out. The subsequent visits are unknown and could be spread over the next 6 months possibly. The New York visit is roughly around August. That one is touch and go...a couple days gone might not be a big deal but i think i'll be needed on site for at least 2 weeks (that might be too much for mama at home)

Along with these projects we're starting to see a rush on smaller jobs. Single units. These ones are nice since there's little work involved in them and they can be pushed out fast.

And of shows. We have the one I'm going to in June in Vegas. We'll have some product on show so we're just getting that ready. We also have a unit in Shanghai showing at the world fair. I'm fairly certain the odds of me seeing that one are slim to none....not unless the entire fam damly wants to get on a plane for 14 hours. (that's not something I would do with our toddler and a newbe).

The Office is getting cleared out now since we've shipped a couple demos out and the recent FAT's (factory acceptance tests) have been completed and are being torn down....we could have a ball hockey game in here soon. It's also quiet today since we have people out on site installs.

Just need to finalize some clerical stuff today and I'm off for an extended long weekend. I'll still be kind'a workin' tomorrow but not too much. Mostly just checking email here and there and getting ready for the departure on Thursday.

I'll try doing some updates on the road and maybe one tomorrow after the check on the newbe (roughly 7 weeks of baking left i think).

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