Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let the super long weekending begin !!!

FYI for the visitors not from Canada, tomorrow is a national holiday....and yes, it's called Canada day. And usually when it falls on a Thursday, most people take the Friday off as well. Or at least, I do. That means, I'm on a long weekend vacation from this afternoon until Monday....maybe I'll take Monday off to celebrate with my American pals ! ;-)

We haven't planned much, mostly due to the fact that the batphone may ring at any time and we're off to the hospital for the arrival of the sequel.

So, it will be 'fast and loose' each day...and if the weather holds out I'm sure there will be plenty of walks along the river intermixed with visits to the splash park...and plenty of backyard BBQ'ing !

The boy now has 2 mini pools to choose from in his backyard...with the new one providing shade and a fountain....pretty fancy.

I plan to do one thing....SLEEP ! I'll be trying to pack in as many hours as possible so that I'm ready for what's to come.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Changes to the blog template

You'll notice the blog changes from day to day....trying to find the template and layout I like....
comment if one of them tickles your fancy

Monday, June 28, 2010

ongoing hobby research....and yadda yadda yadda

My search for a camera continues. I've received some great info from a few people and will be heading out this weekend to do some 'hands on' shopping. That mixed with a scouting tour for a T.V. replacement. Today's tech pisses me off that it's become so consumable and hardly lasts. Is it built this way because the manufacturers know they'll have the newest greatest replacement out in a year or two so why make the product last much more than that ?

It's ridiculous.

I hope the camera i settle on lasts me for decades [as long as i treat it well....can't be bouncing it off the concrete floor like i did with my second to last digital camera].....hmmmm...maybe the tech is fine, maybe it's my 'bull in a china shop' approach to handling it ??

I believe I'll stick with the basic accessories at first. Camera. Bag. 1 Lens. Mini flex tripod. That should do it for starters so i can get a grasp of what the camera can do.

I haven't yet decided what my medium will be.....i'll let that happen as we go along. I'm sure the boy [s] will be unpaid models for the next 20+ years and will show prominently in my work....after that, who knows. I like streetscapes. Outdoors. Architecture. I don't have visions of opening a wedding photo side company....but, i say that now...anything is possible.

the next couple weeks should also be interesting since we dug up a bag of undeveloped film...i have no idea what's on it...i think some is from our trip to Greece and Italy....others ? Who'll be a surprise...that's the one big reason I love the digital media....I can snap as many pictures as i like and i don't have to worry about paying to develop them. Storage is the only concern [I've had 2 laptops die and got very lucky that i managed to save all the pictures...I have them now backed up on an external drive, but that's not 100% fool proof....I may have to make multiple back ups....what a pain..or just print the good ones out....which we might do anyway]

just a question....does anyone like this template and background ? I'm not sure i's a bit distracting and sometimes it's hard to read the may notice I'll be playing with it a bunch for the next little while....

and the countdown for the newb is kickin' into high gear....around 2 weeks but i get the feeling it will happen sooner than that...just a vibe....maybe he'll show on Canada Day....

back to work.....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picasso turns two !

The big boy Picasso turns two today at 3:33pm. Where did the time go ?

disappointed....stupid freezer burn, crappy frozen Cod

I was all pumped for supper last night. We were going to have a Greek Salad, with a side of fresh cauliflower carrot soup (awesome soup....low fat and cheap !) with the main being some pan fried Cod.
I had bought some frozen Cod a while back thinking it was a great deal. When the packaged was opened and thawed it was already apparent something was up...the fish was so full of water I'm sure it was half the bag weight. Obviously it had been frozen, thawed and frozen again as the texture was off...this was confirmed once it was cooked. It had that sort of tasteless rubbery thing going on.

Very disappointing. I'll have to dig the packaging out of the garbage and note it so I won't buy it again....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hangin on a weekend

This past weekend was great ! Good weather for a change and of course, father's day. Saturday we hung out and did some stuff around the house and then headed out with the little feller for a big afternoon of playtime. He had a great time downtown at the park playing with the other little kids and with his 'Ja-mama' [gramma]. It was a big day and he was worn out come 8pm.

Sunday, mama took care of the little man while I got to sleep in for an extra hour and then I was greeted downstairs with a pancake and bacon breakfast [mmmmmmm]. After that we packed up the car and headed to Calaway Park. This was the boys first adventure at an amusement park. I think he was a bit overwhelmed at first. He had a tough time understanding that we had to wait to get on the rides and then after the ride was done you had to get off...that was especially tough. But as the day wore on he began to 'get it'. The weather held out and made for a fantastic afternoon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost Two

I'm amazed at how much the boy is learning each day. Whether it's words or how to do something. Each new thing usually gets a smile from him and and even bigger smile from his mama and dada.

This morning he poked my eye and rubbed above it and said 'eye-bow'. I was shocked since I don't ever think I've told him that before.

As for 'things', he has a full grasp of how to get into my iphone and fire up the applications he likes. He knows about the remote and the TV but doesn't yet understand which button [or bunty in Riverspeak] does what. This is the same for the Xbox/DVD player. Door knobs are no biggy. Even climbing into his high chair is a simple as 1,2,3. He understands more and more words from us from colors to items. All of which he's repeating.

His nickname is Captain Danger. He'll fly down the stairs on his belly [brings back memories of me doing it when I was little].
It's exciting to see him grow and learn.

More upcoming Stuff

Here's more stuff coming up....
  • Father's Day....if the weather keeps this up [rain] we may have to scrap the Calaway Park idea and go with something indoors....this sucks.
  • The Music of Star ! June 26th, 6th row floor !
  • The Boy's 2nd birthday...I know ! Where the heck did the two years go ? Again, let's hope the weather cooperates and we can have a good B-day bash on the deck
  • Newb due July 13th
  • Houseboatin' wedding in Sept.
  • Aruba ? 2011 April.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here's a bunch of stuff going on....
  • The newb is just under 4 weeks away. He's a big boy like his big brother......let's just hope he's a bit more prompt
  • Back from the trip to Vegas....really didn't get up to much other than the show. Had a couple nights of cards....ended out the week pretty much break even I think (I say I think because I haven't done my expenses for the trip yet....)
  • The urge to move is growing's mid June and we've only had a few nice days. Recently nothing but rain. While I do like rain, I'd rather sit on my deck and enjoy some heat and sun.
  • Shaw cable can get stuffed
  • We'll be heading to the BC interior in a few months and then it looks like....Aruba ? Yes, the talk is Aruba for April 2011....sounds good to me ! I would expect this to be sans kids, but we'll see.
  • The boy has his animal sounds down and new ones all the time...right now he knows, snake, owl, horse, dog, cat, elephant, donkey, monkey and fish (he makes kissing noises).
  • We'll be busting out the trike for the boy tonight...I had to make extensions for the pedals. He's a tall boy but I guess this trike was made for REALLY tall kids. I think he'll dig this once he can actually get it moving.
  • We hit Greek Fest last Sunday.....mmmmmmmmm....I think they raised the entry fee from last year....but it's all good. The boy was having the time of his life jumping in the inflatable rubber castles and wasn't too happy when it was time to go.
  • Fathers day this weekend....if the weather holds out we may hit Calaway park.....forecast says 19 and rain.....
  • Stampede draws close...we'll probably do the family day...but the newb could make an appearance at any time after Canada day so we'll be on alert.
  • Still may have to go to New York for a project but it's looking like September now.
  • I really need to clean my's getting kind'a loaded with boxes and shite
  • Minivan ? ack..........
  • Watched Edge of Darkness on my flight to Vegas.....glad i didn't pay for it....great idea for a good revenge tale but it didn't pay off
  • Started watching Alice in Wonderland on the way back but they rebooted the entertainment system since some peoples weren't working and all that did was screw mine up....
  • Have been watching the Saprano's on DVD....great show...just started Season 4 last night

something more substantial later

Monday, June 7, 2010

Last trip before Mr. New arrives

Every time I take a flight I'm always amazed and the dummies around me. How long has it been since they restricted liquids and gels ? The have signs everywhere and yet, right in front of me at security is a woman bitching about the fact that her hand cream is expensive and 'why should she have to throw it out ??'.....
Good god, these people must live under rocks.

So...this is the last trip...well, flight...before Mr. Freshy shows up. He's about a month out....and should stay put while I'm gone. No early arrivals for you Mr. I don't want to have to battle the airlines etc trying to get the hell outta Vegas on a moments notice...last time I did that it took me almost 18 hours and I had to fly fly to 2 other airports just to get to my destination....

Yes...that's correct. My last trip is to Vegas. All you judgey people keep your comments to yourself, it's for work. I'll be setting up trade show stuff tomorrow and be 'workin the booth' until Friday night. And since the show is 9-5 I won't be pulling any late night Vegas crazy. I have to behave.

Now, that doesn't mean I can't have a bit of fun....I'll be getting in tonight at 5:30pm. Should be to Ballys by 6:15ish. That means I can head out for dinner, and then possible hit the poker tables for the night. Tomorrow should be a day of a lot of hurry up and wait. We'll hit the show in the morning but there's no guarantee of when our crate will arrive. It should only take us about 2 hours to set up...but the big question is WHEN do we start ? I've been at this show and leaving for dinner and spotting people in their booth with not a single crate....ack...i hope that doesn't happen to us.

I'll try to do a couple updates while at the show etc just so some of you can figure out what I'm up to (I have friends who compare me to chandler Bing....they have no idea what i do...even though I've told them and shown them numerous times....)

Friday, June 4, 2010

How to make your house stink like a greasy spoon

I decided we would give home made calamari a try the other day. Do we pan fry, grill or deep fry ? Hmmmmm. DEEP FRY !

I don't own a deep fryer but I do have oil and I do have a pot. Really, that's all you need...right ?

Anyway, I had some ready to cook calamari in the freezer (I'm not yet ready to grab the fresh stuff and pull the guts and ink sack out) and I hit the interwebs to find a suitable recipe.

I came across what had to be the simplest one. Ingredients were

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp chili powder

I substituted chipotle for the chili and went to town. Immediately when mixing the goodies I thought - that's a hell of a lot of flour and not much in the way of seasoning....

So, I fired up the oil in a pan...heated that be-otch up and thought i would give one a taste test. I dropped the calamari in the mixture and then into the super hot oil. I was surprised how fast it cooked. The recipe said a few minutes...I don't think I had to wait even a full minute (the oil was HOT !)

I tried the calamari (which looked awesome) and as I suspected...couldn't taste any of the seasoning. So I added more and tried another. Same result. So I DUMPED in a ton of paprika and this time added a ton of chili powder (a ton = i have no idea....lots...the flour mixture was dark red by this point)....and, finally, a bit of flavour.

All the while I was perfecting my seasoning mixture, I kinda' didn't adjust the temp on my oil...which is why this post is titled, how to make your house stink....

I started getting the smokey come off the i kicked it into high gear and cooked up all the squid. Note to self, don't put so much freakin oil in the pot and be sure to have the splash cover on from the beginning, not at the end when you're on your last batch.

We added some fresh chives (from our garden) and the wife made fresh tzatziki. We also had a fresh salad with some shaved Parmesan (we scored a huge block of it from the states on our last was 8$...a block like that here would run upwards of 30-40$)

I was very impressed with the end result. I'll be sure to try a different/better batter mixture on round two...also, I'll be more aware of the temp and the's been two days and the main floor of the house still has this greasy spoon a low end British chippy....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Less than 6 weeks left

Less than 6 weeks left until the boy is a big brother. Time has flown by. It looks as though #2 is going to be just as big as #1 (sorry cookie, them Harvey boys is big boys).
I think we're all set and ready for the arrival...just going to plop the other seat back into the car and then we're good to go when the call comes. I hope the call is during the day...maybe right when I get home from opposed to the 1am 'yep, it's time'
Much like the first time around, the names aren't coming...if it were a girl we'd have plenty to choose from...and no, his name will not be Anakin, Luke, Lucas, Hann, or Lando. Although, Lando Harvey has a ring to it.....
Let's hope Captain Spotlight doesn't have a melt down when attention has to be split with the drooly guy hangin' off mom's boob.

Les Grossman is back

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stuff and Things

Here's some stuff that has caught my attention in the last little while and other things going on in Harveytown:
  • Del Toro quits THE HOBBIT. This sucks big time. The guy has such an awesome vision for fantasy flicks (go see Hellboy or Pan's Labyrinth). I hope they find a way to keep him attached to this project.
  • ABC cancelled FLASHFORWARD. This sucks. I think this was a top notch drama/sci fi that had good characters and an interesting story. I hope there's enough fans to convince them to bring it back or have it jump to NBC or CBS.
  • Heading to Vegas next week for Infocomm. I'll be staying at Bally's again. The WSOP is happening at the same time so I hope to see a few of the pro's...possibly get to chat with a few.
  • The Mole Men are up to no good....This sinkhole in Guatemala is crazy.
  • Tyler Durden has a bunch of shots of stars in Bikini's
  • Here we go. Bank of Canada has raised the rate a quarter point. Apparently we're the first country to do it.....not sure if I like this kind of trail blazing....
  • While the first Bad Boys was mildly amusing, the second one was like a couple different movies mashed together and the 'add lib comedy' was BAD...the only funny part was when Martin Lawrence was all crazy and said to Will 'Smiff'...'Let's ask this guy...oh we can't, cause he's all f**ked up !'....that was about it....So....not sure why they're going back to the well for BAD BOY'S 3....please Will the rewrites if you have to...keep Bay's stupid explosions to a minimum....maybe then it will be possible to at least sit through the whole thing
  • And I leave you with this.....Here's a new Scott Pilgrim trailer

Spend tracking

We're in the process of streamlining everything. Getting rid of stuff and controlling all spending. I just downloaded a budget tool for my iPhone that will track all of our spending so we can analyze it and make changes where needed. The ultimate goal is to reduce waste and pay off debt so we're 100% debt free in under 5 years. We'll see how I do.......lunches out everyday have to come to an end. Ack.

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