Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost Two

I'm amazed at how much the boy is learning each day. Whether it's words or how to do something. Each new thing usually gets a smile from him and and even bigger smile from his mama and dada.

This morning he poked my eye and rubbed above it and said 'eye-bow'. I was shocked since I don't ever think I've told him that before.

As for 'things', he has a full grasp of how to get into my iphone and fire up the applications he likes. He knows about the remote and the TV but doesn't yet understand which button [or bunty in Riverspeak] does what. This is the same for the Xbox/DVD player. Door knobs are no biggy. Even climbing into his high chair is a simple as 1,2,3. He understands more and more words from us from colors to items. All of which he's repeating.

His nickname is Captain Danger. He'll fly down the stairs on his belly [brings back memories of me doing it when I was little].
It's exciting to see him grow and learn.

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