Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hangin on a weekend

This past weekend was great ! Good weather for a change and of course, father's day. Saturday we hung out and did some stuff around the house and then headed out with the little feller for a big afternoon of playtime. He had a great time downtown at the park playing with the other little kids and with his 'Ja-mama' [gramma]. It was a big day and he was worn out come 8pm.

Sunday, mama took care of the little man while I got to sleep in for an extra hour and then I was greeted downstairs with a pancake and bacon breakfast [mmmmmmm]. After that we packed up the car and headed to Calaway Park. This was the boys first adventure at an amusement park. I think he was a bit overwhelmed at first. He had a tough time understanding that we had to wait to get on the rides and then after the ride was done you had to get off...that was especially tough. But as the day wore on he began to 'get it'. The weather held out and made for a fantastic afternoon.

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