Monday, June 7, 2010

Last trip before Mr. New arrives

Every time I take a flight I'm always amazed and the dummies around me. How long has it been since they restricted liquids and gels ? The have signs everywhere and yet, right in front of me at security is a woman bitching about the fact that her hand cream is expensive and 'why should she have to throw it out ??'.....
Good god, these people must live under rocks.

So...this is the last trip...well, flight...before Mr. Freshy shows up. He's about a month out....and should stay put while I'm gone. No early arrivals for you Mr. I don't want to have to battle the airlines etc trying to get the hell outta Vegas on a moments notice...last time I did that it took me almost 18 hours and I had to fly fly to 2 other airports just to get to my destination....

Yes...that's correct. My last trip is to Vegas. All you judgey people keep your comments to yourself, it's for work. I'll be setting up trade show stuff tomorrow and be 'workin the booth' until Friday night. And since the show is 9-5 I won't be pulling any late night Vegas crazy. I have to behave.

Now, that doesn't mean I can't have a bit of fun....I'll be getting in tonight at 5:30pm. Should be to Ballys by 6:15ish. That means I can head out for dinner, and then possible hit the poker tables for the night. Tomorrow should be a day of a lot of hurry up and wait. We'll hit the show in the morning but there's no guarantee of when our crate will arrive. It should only take us about 2 hours to set up...but the big question is WHEN do we start ? I've been at this show and leaving for dinner and spotting people in their booth with not a single crate....ack...i hope that doesn't happen to us.

I'll try to do a couple updates while at the show etc just so some of you can figure out what I'm up to (I have friends who compare me to chandler Bing....they have no idea what i do...even though I've told them and shown them numerous times....)

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