Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Less than 6 weeks left

Less than 6 weeks left until the boy is a big brother. Time has flown by. It looks as though #2 is going to be just as big as #1 (sorry cookie, them Harvey boys is big boys).
I think we're all set and ready for the arrival...just going to plop the other seat back into the car and then we're good to go when the call comes. I hope the call is during the day...maybe right when I get home from opposed to the 1am 'yep, it's time'
Much like the first time around, the names aren't coming...if it were a girl we'd have plenty to choose from...and no, his name will not be Anakin, Luke, Lucas, Hann, or Lando. Although, Lando Harvey has a ring to it.....
Let's hope Captain Spotlight doesn't have a melt down when attention has to be split with the drooly guy hangin' off mom's boob.

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Anonymous said...

i vote for chewie or grand moff tarkin.