Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let the super long weekending begin !!!

FYI for the visitors not from Canada, tomorrow is a national holiday....and yes, it's called Canada day. And usually when it falls on a Thursday, most people take the Friday off as well. Or at least, I do. That means, I'm on a long weekend vacation from this afternoon until Monday....maybe I'll take Monday off to celebrate with my American pals ! ;-)

We haven't planned much, mostly due to the fact that the batphone may ring at any time and we're off to the hospital for the arrival of the sequel.

So, it will be 'fast and loose' each day...and if the weather holds out I'm sure there will be plenty of walks along the river intermixed with visits to the splash park...and plenty of backyard BBQ'ing !

The boy now has 2 mini pools to choose from in his backyard...with the new one providing shade and a fountain....pretty fancy.

I plan to do one thing....SLEEP ! I'll be trying to pack in as many hours as possible so that I'm ready for what's to come.

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