Monday, June 28, 2010

ongoing hobby research....and yadda yadda yadda

My search for a camera continues. I've received some great info from a few people and will be heading out this weekend to do some 'hands on' shopping. That mixed with a scouting tour for a T.V. replacement. Today's tech pisses me off that it's become so consumable and hardly lasts. Is it built this way because the manufacturers know they'll have the newest greatest replacement out in a year or two so why make the product last much more than that ?

It's ridiculous.

I hope the camera i settle on lasts me for decades [as long as i treat it well....can't be bouncing it off the concrete floor like i did with my second to last digital camera].....hmmmm...maybe the tech is fine, maybe it's my 'bull in a china shop' approach to handling it ??

I believe I'll stick with the basic accessories at first. Camera. Bag. 1 Lens. Mini flex tripod. That should do it for starters so i can get a grasp of what the camera can do.

I haven't yet decided what my medium will be.....i'll let that happen as we go along. I'm sure the boy [s] will be unpaid models for the next 20+ years and will show prominently in my work....after that, who knows. I like streetscapes. Outdoors. Architecture. I don't have visions of opening a wedding photo side company....but, i say that now...anything is possible.

the next couple weeks should also be interesting since we dug up a bag of undeveloped film...i have no idea what's on it...i think some is from our trip to Greece and Italy....others ? Who'll be a surprise...that's the one big reason I love the digital media....I can snap as many pictures as i like and i don't have to worry about paying to develop them. Storage is the only concern [I've had 2 laptops die and got very lucky that i managed to save all the pictures...I have them now backed up on an external drive, but that's not 100% fool proof....I may have to make multiple back ups....what a pain..or just print the good ones out....which we might do anyway]

just a question....does anyone like this template and background ? I'm not sure i's a bit distracting and sometimes it's hard to read the may notice I'll be playing with it a bunch for the next little while....

and the countdown for the newb is kickin' into high gear....around 2 weeks but i get the feeling it will happen sooner than that...just a vibe....maybe he'll show on Canada Day....

back to work.....

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Anonymous said...

Give Owen a call. He's "Mr. Camera". May have some info, tips OR a camera for you. As to the format on your blog..."yes!" Not easy to read, too distracting. Maybe find something new to you but simpler, particularly for old eyes...???