Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stuff and Things

Here's some stuff that has caught my attention in the last little while and other things going on in Harveytown:
  • Del Toro quits THE HOBBIT. This sucks big time. The guy has such an awesome vision for fantasy flicks (go see Hellboy or Pan's Labyrinth). I hope they find a way to keep him attached to this project.
  • ABC cancelled FLASHFORWARD. This sucks. I think this was a top notch drama/sci fi that had good characters and an interesting story. I hope there's enough fans to convince them to bring it back or have it jump to NBC or CBS.
  • Heading to Vegas next week for Infocomm. I'll be staying at Bally's again. The WSOP is happening at the same time so I hope to see a few of the pro's...possibly get to chat with a few.
  • The Mole Men are up to no good....This sinkhole in Guatemala is crazy.
  • Tyler Durden has a bunch of shots of stars in Bikini's
  • Here we go. Bank of Canada has raised the rate a quarter point. Apparently we're the first country to do it.....not sure if I like this kind of trail blazing....
  • While the first Bad Boys was mildly amusing, the second one stunk...it was like a couple different movies mashed together and the 'add lib comedy' was BAD...the only funny part was when Martin Lawrence was all crazy and said to Will 'Smiff'...'Let's ask this guy...oh we can't, cause he's all f**ked up !'....that was about it....So....not sure why they're going back to the well for BAD BOY'S 3....please Will please...read the script...do rewrites if you have to...keep Bay's stupid explosions to a minimum....maybe then it will be possible to at least sit through the whole thing
  • And I leave you with this.....Here's a new Scott Pilgrim trailer

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