Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here's a bunch of stuff going on....
  • The newb is just under 4 weeks away. He's a big boy like his big brother......let's just hope he's a bit more prompt
  • Back from the trip to Vegas....really didn't get up to much other than the show. Had a couple nights of cards....ended out the week pretty much break even I think (I say I think because I haven't done my expenses for the trip yet....)
  • The urge to move is growing's mid June and we've only had a few nice days. Recently nothing but rain. While I do like rain, I'd rather sit on my deck and enjoy some heat and sun.
  • Shaw cable can get stuffed
  • We'll be heading to the BC interior in a few months and then it looks like....Aruba ? Yes, the talk is Aruba for April 2011....sounds good to me ! I would expect this to be sans kids, but we'll see.
  • The boy has his animal sounds down and new ones all the time...right now he knows, snake, owl, horse, dog, cat, elephant, donkey, monkey and fish (he makes kissing noises).
  • We'll be busting out the trike for the boy tonight...I had to make extensions for the pedals. He's a tall boy but I guess this trike was made for REALLY tall kids. I think he'll dig this once he can actually get it moving.
  • We hit Greek Fest last Sunday.....mmmmmmmmm....I think they raised the entry fee from last year....but it's all good. The boy was having the time of his life jumping in the inflatable rubber castles and wasn't too happy when it was time to go.
  • Fathers day this weekend....if the weather holds out we may hit Calaway park.....forecast says 19 and rain.....
  • Stampede draws close...we'll probably do the family day...but the newb could make an appearance at any time after Canada day so we'll be on alert.
  • Still may have to go to New York for a project but it's looking like September now.
  • I really need to clean my's getting kind'a loaded with boxes and shite
  • Minivan ? ack..........
  • Watched Edge of Darkness on my flight to Vegas.....glad i didn't pay for it....great idea for a good revenge tale but it didn't pay off
  • Started watching Alice in Wonderland on the way back but they rebooted the entertainment system since some peoples weren't working and all that did was screw mine up....
  • Have been watching the Saprano's on DVD....great show...just started Season 4 last night

something more substantial later

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