Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Weekend - What to do ?

I'm getting ready to bolt for the long weekend and realized that we hardly have any firm plans. Some might think this is a bad thing. Not me ! Tomorrow we had thought of going on a day hike with the boys...this will depend on the weather. If it looks nice we'll load the family and hit the mountain trails. The tornado kid liked the previous hikes and burito rumblebum just likes being strapped to his mama.
As for Sunday and Monday....they're wide open. This means I can do some camera shopping. I've been doing a bit of research online for the last few weeks and hopefully I'll be able to get out there and talk to some people about what I'm looking for and want to do. Who knows...maybe a purchase could be in my near future. This could be the perfect thing to do if the weather is shite. I'll also need to find something to do with the torando kid...he gets a bit stir crazy when he can't out 'ah-side'. (I also need to see a couple movies that are out now...Prince of Persia, Inception, A-Team, The Other Guys, and others....I'm getting behind on my movie viewing)

We can also plan out our next 12 months travel plan. As per previous post, our confirmed travel plans are a trip to the BC interior for a houseboat wedding and to visit family, a trip to Canmore for a wedding, and a wedding in St. Lucia in the new year. In addition to that we will finally use a time share in either Vegas or Orlando and we'll be looking at possibly doing a 2 week stint in a villa in France, Italy, Spain or the UK. We'll look at booking that before the end of this year (we'll take the whole family and enjoy a couple weeks in a small community somewhere in Europe...mmmmm be a blast !).

I'll snap some pictures of our Saturday adventure along with some new pictures of Rumblebum (people have been asking).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flash Storm !

My oh my. Last night we were hit with a flash storm. It started to sprinkle then BAM it was if someone had turned the water on high. The picture doesn't do the storm justice. When you looked toward the right we couldn't see the houses on the other side of the street (through the back window). Some of our neighbors 'stuff' ended up in out backyard. Shortly after I took the video the hail started. It wasn't huge, just lots of it. It say it was the size of small pebbles. The deck was covered so it looked like we were hit with snow.

I think it lasted about 10 minutes and afterwords the only casualty was one pot of flowers at the front door. Our neighbors blue bin was knocked over and all of his recycling was up and down the street. I have heard there was some major flooding in the older neighborhoods.

Wacky weather these days....could it be that we're in the countdown to 2012 ? Dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmm.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hangin' out on the weekend

Upcoming Adventures

Now that the family is somewhat 'all set' we can start doing what we like to do best - Travel !

So where to ? Here's a few that are already planned...

  • BC Lake - Whitefish - Aug.
  • BC Lake & Interior - Wedding - Sept.
  • Canmore - Wedding - Oct.
  • St. Lucia - Wedding - April 2011

Somewhere around Feb will possibly be a weekend in Vegas. As well, there will probably a bunch more trips to the BC Lake.

I think I'd like to do a west coast road trip down to the states....late fall ? or early spring ? We'll see.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Automan....anyone remember this ?

this was an awesome show i watched as a came out after tron and was like a reversal...bring the program into the real world. Cheesy now, sure....but back then it rocked !

The Green Hornet Trailer


Went and saw the music of Star Wars last month. It was pretty good. I enjoyed everything about it except the 40 year old dorks who not only dressed up as Jedi...acted like them. Hey...I'm all for being a fan boy [I'm a huge Star Wars, Comic Book, Sci Fi fan boy] and I would love to own a full on Boba Fett costume...but I will never be like these dorks who show up and pretend they are Jedi and try to act cool by pulling out their kids lightsaber and waving it at another dude dressed in a stormtrooper outfit [which were cool by the way]. I was tempted to smack the dude next to me who was trying to use the force on the display of weapons and said 'the lightsaber is not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age ' - Dork

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Super Heros at Home

It's been a week and a day since the newb made it home and what a week and a day it's been. in that time we've witnessed the birth of two new superhero's.

The Tornado Kid & Burrito Rumblebum

Their respective super powers should be self explanatory. Admittedly, the second name is a bit unorthodox for a super hero as it's a combination of his looks and ability. But, he's a child of the 2010's so he can bust out of the old conventions.

Together these two champions for good fight the super villains Mama & 'Jaa-mama' and their evil plans to keep their bums clean with the bath of doom and the clean diapers of pain, and stop them from keeping their bellies fed with the fiendish vegetables and meat and dastardly 'boob juice'. As well, their central mission is to destroy the super villains fortress of terror also known as the living room. It's a 24 hour a day 7 day a week battle.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First weekend with the new guy

The new guy did as expected over his first weekend at home. A lot of eating, sleeping pooping and peeing. I wish my weekends were this simple.

He seems to be settling in nicely and there are some noticeable differences between him and his brother. This guy seems to be a bit more content to be swaddled. He also doesn't seem to have problems passing gas and burping (River had many a night of screaming due to bad gas).

And since he's not as big as his brother this guy actually gets to wear new born clothes and diapers (I think River wore them for about 2 or 3 days when he got home and went straight into the #1's).

It looks as though River is now starting to realize that this mini person who's been hanging out with/on mama is not going anywhere and he's not behaving too badly....yet...we'll see how that goes.

Needless to say, sleep at the household is a luxury that isn't coming around all that often (although, big brother had a great sleep last night)

We're back into full on camera in the kid's face mode so there will be lots of pictures showing up and on the faves.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mama and New Guy are home

The new guy [Reed] and mama have now made it home. It didn't take him long to christen the house with a new born poop.
The boy has reacted well, giving him multiple kisses and trying to feed him a cookie.

We're just getting settled, I'll update later on the birth story.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Less than 24 hours

Less than 24 hours and there will be a new addition to the Harvey clan. Mama was at the Dr. this morning and for a 3rd time they confirmed 'this is a big baby'. So, again, we'll bypass the newborn clothes and head straight into the 2-3 month stuff.

We'll be at the hospital tomorrow morning getting ready for the show.

giddy up !

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lazy Saturday & countdown to child #2

Started today off bright any early. Kind'a by design and kinda' by the morning 'DAAAA DAAAAA'. We were up and moving shortly after 7am and getting ready to hit our first pancake breakfast. We checked the list twice and headed to a Wal Mart that was supposed to be having a breakfast to support homeless (you had to bring a nonperishable item). Weren't we pleased when we got there one....dummies...
Who knows what happened. Wrong day maybe ? Wrong location listed ? Who knows.

So, we decided to brave the Chinook Center Breakfast. We've never been to this one before, mostly 'cause we thought it would be a complete shit show (they claim to serve over 12000 people in a morning.
Much to our surprise, it wasn't that bad. It was busy, to be sure, but it was well organized and we only had to wait about 15 minutes to get our grub. A note for those that go (something we found out too late) each line is hosted by a store from the mall, and they may have a twist to their pancakes. For example, we were in the Tommy Hilfiger line and they were making M&M and Blueberry Pancakes. Both of which were very good.

The boy was obviously hungry since he gulped down 2 pancakes and a sausage and a number of bites of my grub and mommies grub.

After we ate up we headed out (they had other things there of interest, live band, jumpy things for kids, etc but it's a little overwhelming for the boy and he still doesn't really get lineups and time limits so he would have had a melt down in the jumpy things).

We got on the horse and went to the Millarville Farmers Market and scored a few goodies....not veggies this week...hmmmm...

Now....boy is sleeping, mama is sleeping, and I'm watching the 3rd place match of the World Cup.

We've got a few other reeeee-lax things to do to finish out the day,,,

Tonight we'll be getting ready for family day at the Stampede tomorrow morning. As well as cleaning up the house for the arrival of the sequel on Tuesday.

Yes, that's correct. We know the arrival date. It looks as though nature isn't cooperating and the call was made.

And...Germany just scored....I may just close my eyes for an hour or two....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girls in Bikinis reading Star Wars

Said in Chandler Bing voice "Could there BE anything better ?"
-thanks Powell

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7 days......

We're down to a week now. The sequel has been pretty active...kicking the bujeebuz out of the inside of mommy. She went for a quick Dr. visit yesterday and all is good. Now it's just hurry up and wait.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tron Toys for Christmas

The new Tron Legacy flick comes out this December and with it a whack of new toys for Christmas. Whether my kid knows what Tron is or has any interest in it doesn't matter....he'll be getting some of these....and maybe his dad might get a few for himself too.

Check them out here at

Will Ferrell answers questions.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ten days....more or less....

It's roughly 10 days until the sequel due date. In other words, it could be any day....

Are we ready ? About as ready as we were the first time around. So, I'll just keep hangin until I get the bat-signal.

And much like with his older brother, we have nadda in the name department. I think it will be the same as it was the first time around and a decision will be made when it's time to put pen to paper. [still pushin Lando Calrissian Harvey....i'd say at's got about a .05% chance now]

I'm not looking forward to the sleepless nights....but, i guess i have some experience now so i know what to expect (to a certain extent....let's cross our fingers that he's not colic)

I think the boy will be a good big brother. He seems to be good with little ones....just has to learn to be gentle.