Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flash Storm !

My oh my. Last night we were hit with a flash storm. It started to sprinkle then BAM it was if someone had turned the water on high. The picture doesn't do the storm justice. When you looked toward the right we couldn't see the houses on the other side of the street (through the back window). Some of our neighbors 'stuff' ended up in out backyard. Shortly after I took the video the hail started. It wasn't huge, just lots of it. It say it was the size of small pebbles. The deck was covered so it looked like we were hit with snow.

I think it lasted about 10 minutes and afterwords the only casualty was one pot of flowers at the front door. Our neighbors blue bin was knocked over and all of his recycling was up and down the street. I have heard there was some major flooding in the older neighborhoods.

Wacky weather these days....could it be that we're in the countdown to 2012 ? Dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmm.

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