Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lazy Saturday & countdown to child #2

Started today off bright any early. Kind'a by design and kinda' by the morning 'DAAAA DAAAAA'. We were up and moving shortly after 7am and getting ready to hit our first pancake breakfast. We checked the list twice and headed to a Wal Mart that was supposed to be having a breakfast to support homeless (you had to bring a nonperishable item). Weren't we pleased when we got there one....dummies...
Who knows what happened. Wrong day maybe ? Wrong location listed ? Who knows.

So, we decided to brave the Chinook Center Breakfast. We've never been to this one before, mostly 'cause we thought it would be a complete shit show (they claim to serve over 12000 people in a morning.
Much to our surprise, it wasn't that bad. It was busy, to be sure, but it was well organized and we only had to wait about 15 minutes to get our grub. A note for those that go (something we found out too late) each line is hosted by a store from the mall, and they may have a twist to their pancakes. For example, we were in the Tommy Hilfiger line and they were making M&M and Blueberry Pancakes. Both of which were very good.

The boy was obviously hungry since he gulped down 2 pancakes and a sausage and a number of bites of my grub and mommies grub.

After we ate up we headed out (they had other things there of interest, live band, jumpy things for kids, etc but it's a little overwhelming for the boy and he still doesn't really get lineups and time limits so he would have had a melt down in the jumpy things).

We got on the horse and went to the Millarville Farmers Market and scored a few goodies....not veggies this week...hmmmm...

Now....boy is sleeping, mama is sleeping, and I'm watching the 3rd place match of the World Cup.

We've got a few other reeeee-lax things to do to finish out the day,,,

Tonight we'll be getting ready for family day at the Stampede tomorrow morning. As well as cleaning up the house for the arrival of the sequel on Tuesday.

Yes, that's correct. We know the arrival date. It looks as though nature isn't cooperating and the call was made.

And...Germany just scored....I may just close my eyes for an hour or two....

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boywonder said...

We went down to Chinook as well, after our pancake breaky also didn't work out. Not too shabby. Say hi to Elvis for me on Tuesday.