Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Weekend - What to do ?

I'm getting ready to bolt for the long weekend and realized that we hardly have any firm plans. Some might think this is a bad thing. Not me ! Tomorrow we had thought of going on a day hike with the boys...this will depend on the weather. If it looks nice we'll load the family and hit the mountain trails. The tornado kid liked the previous hikes and burito rumblebum just likes being strapped to his mama.
As for Sunday and Monday....they're wide open. This means I can do some camera shopping. I've been doing a bit of research online for the last few weeks and hopefully I'll be able to get out there and talk to some people about what I'm looking for and want to do. Who knows...maybe a purchase could be in my near future. This could be the perfect thing to do if the weather is shite. I'll also need to find something to do with the torando kid...he gets a bit stir crazy when he can't out 'ah-side'. (I also need to see a couple movies that are out now...Prince of Persia, Inception, A-Team, The Other Guys, and others....I'm getting behind on my movie viewing)

We can also plan out our next 12 months travel plan. As per previous post, our confirmed travel plans are a trip to the BC interior for a houseboat wedding and to visit family, a trip to Canmore for a wedding, and a wedding in St. Lucia in the new year. In addition to that we will finally use a time share in either Vegas or Orlando and we'll be looking at possibly doing a 2 week stint in a villa in France, Italy, Spain or the UK. We'll look at booking that before the end of this year (we'll take the whole family and enjoy a couple weeks in a small community somewhere in Europe...mmmmm be a blast !).

I'll snap some pictures of our Saturday adventure along with some new pictures of Rumblebum (people have been asking).

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