Friday, August 20, 2010

News report - BEAR ! claims it's a real..if this is a real news report I would have the entire staff fired...

End of the week....WEEKEND ! and other stuff

It's Friday, 2:29....where did my motivation go ?

We'll be getting ready tonight for what is now the weekend Harvey Hike. We'll actually get prepared vs. last weeks last minute decision. (it still wasn't bad last week...we just could have packed more snacks).
So, I'll be busting open the Kananaskis Hike book and the interwebs to see where we'll go. Again, we'll keep it someone low incline and easy since boy #1 gave up pretty early last week and dad had to carry him (better me than dudes Sherpa...see older post about the hiking losers).

Hopefully the air will clear and it won't be so hazy....and...let's hope we don't get a downpour like this morning (although, I like those early morning storms....nice to listen to...soothing....)

We've got a few things to prepare for this weekend since we have a couple travel weekends coming up. I'll be off to Whitefish next weekend (can someone say barn burner ?) and the following off to a wedding in BC. So, we'll have to get a few things for the new Harvey Wagon....(an ipod cable for the stereo, seat covers, and a bunch of other stuff that escapes me right now).

I also have to do some shelf building in the basement. Look at me, I'm all mr handy around the house...I'll be making shelves for the basement and then ripping the north side fence down and redoing it (it was ok until we built our mr fantastic the north fence looks lame so we're going to make it look the same) I have a couple more weekends where i'll need helpers for beer.....and BBQ ;-)

Oh....boy update.....boy #1 has learned a new little connection of words...this morning he asked me for milk so I obliged...then he asked me for 'Mo milk' and I said 'no'...and he said 'why not?'
That was a first....
And he used it a few more times after that when the answer he got from me was 'no'....this little guy is soaking up stuff like a we REALLY need to be careful with the curse words....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Unseen clip from Return of the Jedi

Georgy Boy released a scene they clipped from Return of the Jedi at the Star Wars Celebration. It looks to me like this would have taken place right at the beginning before C-3PO went to Jabba's palace (Luke was finishing up building his light saber).

Not too sure why Lucas didn't put this in when they re-released the trilogy....but, Georgy is such a whore, he's probably got tons of scenes so he can release new versions every few years and make an additional fortune...


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pretty sure that's not in the job description

So...after a lovely breakfast of dad's french toast, the wife and i decided to take the boys for a hike. I quickly checked the interwebs and we packed up some snacks, water and diapers and headed to Canmore. We went for something short in the 3 to 4 km round trip area. That had us heading up towards Spray Lakes to a place called Grassi Lakes.

Here's a hike description:
This is a popular hike and a very popular area for sport climbers. The trail leads to two small turquoise blue lakes. Their colour is absolutely amazing. From the parking lot the trail starts behind the washrooms. Approximately 100 meters into the hike is the first intersection (waypoint #002). At this point you can choose the easy or more difficult route. The easy route appears to be a fire road but by taking this route you miss out on the views of Canmore and the Bow Valley. The more difficult route is not very difficult but as always you have to watch your footing. On the more difficult route there is a series of stairs to make the climb easier. On the way up are great views of Ha Ling Peak and at the top the two lakes.

The hike is about 3.9km round trip and goes up about 165 meters...should take about 1 to 2 hours. We were there about 3 since we had some snacks at the bottom and top [along with a couple diaper blowouts].

The whole trip was fun and we're planning to make this a weekly thing. (I'll post some pictures from this and the Elbow Falls trip when i get a chance to download them)

So what's up with the title of the post you ask?

Well, for the most part going up and for the entire trip coming down, River had it easy since he was on my shoulders....but no, that still has nothing to do with the was the young couple ahead of us.

I'd place them somewhere in their late twenties early thirties....their child was at least a year and a half...possibly two....maybe over 2...hard to say.
The woman was wearing tight sweat pants, and a tight 'name brand' shirt and had a small pack on. The dude was all tanned up, thin, wearing some 'name brand' shoes, shorts and muscle shirt. He looked pretty fit...slick hair...wasn't sweating like me. The nanny followed behind.
So...what's the big deal you ask........? was the fact that their nanny carried their son ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FREAKIN TRAIL !!!!!
At first I thought that the small Asian woman in front of us just happened to be walking very close to the young couple....I even cracked wise to the wife and said 'we should get our own Sherpa next time we go hiking' was when the couple stopped to wait for the nanny to catch up is when we clued was almost like they were saying 'hurry up bitch, get a move on....gawd, what do we pay you for ???'

We were speechless.....i thought, at any moment the dude is going to grab the boy and carry him...but no...never once did he or his wife make a motion to relieve the nanny. The nanny was also carrying a pack (that probably had diapers, food, change of clothes, etc for the boy).
We were almost to the bottom when they had stopped long enough for us to pass and I think the dude was a bit embarrassed when he saw me and he said 'say, maybe you want to ride on dad's shoulders'...and the kid promptly said 'NO' and was clinging to the small Asian nanny...the kid didn't seem to want any part of mom and dad.
THEN...the dude makes a crack about the snuggli my wife is wearing {which had Reed in it}...something about how they suck and are bad and should be higher or some such stuff....obviously he's a Doctor and/or ergonomist....we were a bit shocked that this dude had the nuts to make a loud statement like this when i just watched his nanny carry his kid down a mountain trail for almost 2 Km's....
We saw them a bit later as they walked by...nanny still behind them with their kid....

The people are the definition of douche.......or just simply, losers....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It touches me

ha...i made a funny...this song touches does the gaunch


  • We had a fence building party last weekend and got the thing done in record time...I'll see if I can dig up a few pictures.
  • Because we made the new fence so beautiful...we're going to rip the other side down and redo it......yes....i'm real happy about that....i love building fences......
  • Reed is now weighing in at 8lbs 13 oz today and is a ripe ol' age of 4 weeks and a day.
  • The first 'return of the man-cation' will be in 2 weeks to Whitefish (the boys & mama will be hangin' at the lake with Gramma and Great Uncle and Aunty)
  • Freakin' busy at work...when it rains it pours...
  • Might have some work travel firing up again with trips coming to New York & Chicago.
  • I may begin seriously looking for a Loser Cruiser......i know.....i feel shame.
  • Upcoming known travel - Whitefish, Koocanusa, Kelowna, Armstrong, Sicamous, Canmore, St. Lucia.
  • Upcoming travel we're planning - Either Spain, UK, France or Italy, Napa, Quebec.
  • I will be doing camera shopping this weekend. I hope to narrow it down to a couple.

and since i have absolutely nothing to say....other than 'Hux...grow up'.....

I will leave you with this gem...(and no.....this is not me)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Soundgarden

A new Soundgarden tune is floating around the interwebs and it definitely has an old school vibe.

Check it out here at Rock It Out Blog

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lucas Shelves new Star Wars TV Show

It looks like ol' Georgy Boy is putting his plans for a live action TV show to bed. He claims he has scripts but the cost of doing the show would be too high.

Why do I have a feeling that it was all CGI....Seems to me that Battlestar Galactica looked pretty good and I never once heard about budget issues...and the new Stargate looks good (again, no budget issues)...

It's probably a good thing this won't happen...I have a feeling it would have sucked huge and would have killed that little bit left inside me that still loves the original movie...

here's the news bite from

Star Wars creator George Lucas has put plans for a live action TV series based on the legendary sci-fi franchise "on hold" because of financial issues.

The filmmaker announced plans for a small screen Star Wars spin-off back in 2005 and, after a long hiatus spent writing scripts, he began casting actors for the show last year.

However, fans will have to wait even longer to see the project on TV - it's been put on hold indefinitely.

At a recent screening of The Empire Strikes Back in Chicago, Illinois, Lucas told the audience the project had been shelved because of budget restraints.

He explained, "The live action TV show is kind of on hold because we have scripts, but we don't know how to do them.

"They literally are Star Wars, only we're going to have to try to do them (at) a tenth (of) the cost. And it's a huge challenge, (a) lot bigger than what we thought it was gonna be."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DVD's, Movies & TV oh my

Since there's really nothing to watch during the summer we borrowed the complete set of The Soprano's and watched 1 or 2 episodes per night. I pretty much agree with the mass population that this is a fantastic series. The actors, the writing...everything. I however, like the ending. I wasn't one of the people who bitched that Tony didn't get it in the end...even though they were screwing with the viewers during the last few minutes.

I interpret the show as follows: Tony leads a charmed life, therefore, he will continue on until he's an old man, complaining about life but always coming out on top. There were numerous times when he would bitch 'nothing works out for me' and in the next scene we see a guy who's just about to rat him out die or some such thing. He was also shot in the gut, targeted for termination, and flipped around in a car crash...nothing stopped this guy. But at each instance, something good came of it...reconciled with his wife, got rid of his problem cousin, made up with New York and got rid of the new boss who was a pain in everyones ass.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't get squeamish at the sight of blood or hearing grown men drop the f bomb every sentence and toss around the C word like it were nuthin.

We plan to move onto another. I now believe this is the best way to watch a series. We have the complete set of Firefly so that could be next. I plan on getting the set of Band of Brothers. And possibly the entire Battlestar Galactica.

Due to the new arrival our movie outings have died a quick death. The last one we saw was Iron Man 2 at the cheap theater just before #2 was born. To be honest, it was a bit dissapointing. We have now taken to renting the movies on the TV through Shaw. The other day I watched Clash of the Titans and The Losers. I heard bad things about both movies so I went in with low expectations. I think I should have had even lower expectations. Clash of the Titans had the makings of what should have been a summer blockbuster. Remake of a cool but cheesy flick from my childhood, mythology, CGI, good quality actors....but it all just fell flat. I did snicker at the nod to the original movie when Perseus found the robot owl...but how many people would have got that ?? There just was no passion...and it had no drive. They should have saved the big budget and just done a SyFy mini series.

As for the Losers...apparently it's a comic book...I've never heard of it...hopefully it's more interesting that this pile of crap...this flick was BORRRRRRRRING...and a waste of 5$. I fell asleep twice. Expert mercenaries go after the guy who hired them cause he tried to kill them and killed a whack of kids instead and they're all angry and shit and blow stuff up....terrible. Don't even think about renting this...just go to the rental store and pick up The Professional.

I'll try to get to Inception, Prince of Persia, The Other Guys and others....

Speaking of TV. I gave Haven a try. It's a new series based on a Stephen King novel that just seems like a X-Files lite. It really didn't hold my intrest. I plan to try out Rubicon. We'll see if that one is better. New TV seems to be lacking.

Reed at Three Weeks