Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DVD's, Movies & TV oh my

Since there's really nothing to watch during the summer we borrowed the complete set of The Soprano's and watched 1 or 2 episodes per night. I pretty much agree with the mass population that this is a fantastic series. The actors, the writing...everything. I however, like the ending. I wasn't one of the people who bitched that Tony didn't get it in the end...even though they were screwing with the viewers during the last few minutes.

I interpret the show as follows: Tony leads a charmed life, therefore, he will continue on until he's an old man, complaining about life but always coming out on top. There were numerous times when he would bitch 'nothing works out for me' and in the next scene we see a guy who's just about to rat him out die or some such thing. He was also shot in the gut, targeted for termination, and flipped around in a car crash...nothing stopped this guy. But at each instance, something good came of it...reconciled with his wife, got rid of his problem cousin, made up with New York and got rid of the new boss who was a pain in everyones ass.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't get squeamish at the sight of blood or hearing grown men drop the f bomb every sentence and toss around the C word like it were nuthin.

We plan to move onto another. I now believe this is the best way to watch a series. We have the complete set of Firefly so that could be next. I plan on getting the set of Band of Brothers. And possibly the entire Battlestar Galactica.

Due to the new arrival our movie outings have died a quick death. The last one we saw was Iron Man 2 at the cheap theater just before #2 was born. To be honest, it was a bit dissapointing. We have now taken to renting the movies on the TV through Shaw. The other day I watched Clash of the Titans and The Losers. I heard bad things about both movies so I went in with low expectations. I think I should have had even lower expectations. Clash of the Titans had the makings of what should have been a summer blockbuster. Remake of a cool but cheesy flick from my childhood, mythology, CGI, good quality actors....but it all just fell flat. I did snicker at the nod to the original movie when Perseus found the robot owl...but how many people would have got that ?? There just was no passion...and it had no drive. They should have saved the big budget and just done a SyFy mini series.

As for the Losers...apparently it's a comic book...I've never heard of it...hopefully it's more interesting that this pile of crap...this flick was BORRRRRRRRING...and a waste of 5$. I fell asleep twice. Expert mercenaries go after the guy who hired them cause he tried to kill them and killed a whack of kids instead and they're all angry and shit and blow stuff up....terrible. Don't even think about renting this...just go to the rental store and pick up The Professional.

I'll try to get to Inception, Prince of Persia, The Other Guys and others....

Speaking of TV. I gave Haven a try. It's a new series based on a Stephen King novel that just seems like a X-Files lite. It really didn't hold my intrest. I plan to try out Rubicon. We'll see if that one is better. New TV seems to be lacking.


boywonder said...

Hey - you can borrow my Band of Brothers, if you still have a VHS.

As for movies, they have been dead to me for a while, though I watched Book of Eli on iTunes last night. Good rendering of the post apocalyptic future, though it didn't jive with my belief system.

The H's said...

Ha...my last 2 VHS died slow deaths....the only VHS i currently have is Star Wars and Indiana Jones...got rid of the rest. Even our DVD player has its issues...might get one that playfiles from a jump drive