Friday, August 20, 2010

End of the week....WEEKEND ! and other stuff

It's Friday, 2:29....where did my motivation go ?

We'll be getting ready tonight for what is now the weekend Harvey Hike. We'll actually get prepared vs. last weeks last minute decision. (it still wasn't bad last week...we just could have packed more snacks).
So, I'll be busting open the Kananaskis Hike book and the interwebs to see where we'll go. Again, we'll keep it someone low incline and easy since boy #1 gave up pretty early last week and dad had to carry him (better me than dudes Sherpa...see older post about the hiking losers).

Hopefully the air will clear and it won't be so hazy....and...let's hope we don't get a downpour like this morning (although, I like those early morning storms....nice to listen to...soothing....)

We've got a few things to prepare for this weekend since we have a couple travel weekends coming up. I'll be off to Whitefish next weekend (can someone say barn burner ?) and the following off to a wedding in BC. So, we'll have to get a few things for the new Harvey Wagon....(an ipod cable for the stereo, seat covers, and a bunch of other stuff that escapes me right now).

I also have to do some shelf building in the basement. Look at me, I'm all mr handy around the house...I'll be making shelves for the basement and then ripping the north side fence down and redoing it (it was ok until we built our mr fantastic the north fence looks lame so we're going to make it look the same) I have a couple more weekends where i'll need helpers for beer.....and BBQ ;-)

Oh....boy update.....boy #1 has learned a new little connection of words...this morning he asked me for milk so I obliged...then he asked me for 'Mo milk' and I said 'no'...and he said 'why not?'
That was a first....
And he used it a few more times after that when the answer he got from me was 'no'....this little guy is soaking up stuff like a we REALLY need to be careful with the curse words....

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