Friday, August 6, 2010

Lucas Shelves new Star Wars TV Show

It looks like ol' Georgy Boy is putting his plans for a live action TV show to bed. He claims he has scripts but the cost of doing the show would be too high.

Why do I have a feeling that it was all CGI....Seems to me that Battlestar Galactica looked pretty good and I never once heard about budget issues...and the new Stargate looks good (again, no budget issues)...

It's probably a good thing this won't happen...I have a feeling it would have sucked huge and would have killed that little bit left inside me that still loves the original movie...

here's the news bite from

Star Wars creator George Lucas has put plans for a live action TV series based on the legendary sci-fi franchise "on hold" because of financial issues.

The filmmaker announced plans for a small screen Star Wars spin-off back in 2005 and, after a long hiatus spent writing scripts, he began casting actors for the show last year.

However, fans will have to wait even longer to see the project on TV - it's been put on hold indefinitely.

At a recent screening of The Empire Strikes Back in Chicago, Illinois, Lucas told the audience the project had been shelved because of budget restraints.

He explained, "The live action TV show is kind of on hold because we have scripts, but we don't know how to do them.

"They literally are Star Wars, only we're going to have to try to do them (at) a tenth (of) the cost. And it's a huge challenge, (a) lot bigger than what we thought it was gonna be."

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