Thursday, September 23, 2010

Check Ups

Reed and I went to see the Doc today. He went for his 2 month and I went for my 'I'm 40 and I need to start seeing the doctor more often so...get er done'.

Reed is doing issues there...

As for me......I'm strong like Ox...that's right ! Blood pressure average was 117/74 I think, I am apparently more flexible than my doctor, no nasties on my skin, eyes, throat, ears look great, heart and lungs parts good....I'll be doing some blood work, but he didn't see anything to be worried about. Strange knees didn't jerk when he whacked them....hmmmmm...and big surprise, he told me to lose weight...but not as much as you might think (he said 15 lbs would be a good start)

And yes hux...I'm 183 cm tall...that's 72.04 inches....6 FEET !

So...looks like I'll be here for a while yet Powell....

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