Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the hunt for new blogs

Anyone reading any funny, insightful, interesting, cool blogs these days ? My wifey has turned me on to a couple but they're not updated that often (those being Hyperbole and a Half and The Oatmeal)

I'm kinda interested in some of the travel blogs out there (that aren't selling stuff) as well as some sort of adventure blogs. As well, I like food reviews, photo blogs ( Scotland in the Gloaming ) and UK Pubs (oddly i can't find any good ones - there was a great one from a dude who bought a pub and ranted each day but he shut it down [the blog not the pub]...i at least got to meet him and have a pint at his pub last time i was in the UK).

So comment which ones you're reading....if you only read this one...well...get out there and find some others...and thank you for reading....i promise it will get more interesting (when I start to find more free time)


Cody said...

Travel blog about a guy riding his Vespa from Europe through middle east and I think eventually down to S. Africa

The H's said...

Yikes...dude is in Iran...this one looks cool, thanks !

Anonymous said...

not a travel blog but very interesting about everything,technology, business, design etc.check it out