Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Short Week

I'm finding it difficult to keep my motivation up....why ?....I'm off for the week at the end of today. A friend, who is now living in the UK, is getting married here on Saturday and his stag is tomorrow.
So, tomorrow morning, I'll pick up the best man, hit the highway and begin the afternoon of supreme misbehaving.

Friday will be a long day of recovery.

Saturday, the wifey and I will get ourselves gussied up and head back for the wedding...and additional misbehaving sans tornado and rumblebum.

Sunday, second recovery.

Right now is just the 'gawd, I wish the day would move a bit quicker' period.

I'm so not motivated I have nothing to type....

I'll be sure to get some pictures....they will be censored of course.

Speaking of pictures, I'm still on the hunt for a new camera and since the Tornado decided to give the wifey's camera a watery death, I may need to kick the search into high gear. Maybe it will be a gift from Santa this year (along with a imac maybe ? Hmmmm ?)

I'll leave you with this...a picture of the baby spa at the Tornado house....

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